Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

First Date, or not [25 Consimbs 4162]

I did my best to track Zanniajaia down the Dissection of Spells examination. I used cunning. I used a pack of mighty-nosed Cani. I used location spells. I used spies. I used (or abused) my connections in the City Guard. I used Prince Nestrune Kreslink, but he didn't help much. And whaddya know, I caught her.

Well, it wasn't that hard, though she did leave the examination a ninth of an hour before I did, and I did ask Narngi which way she had gone.

And we chatted about the examination for some short while. Mostly we agreed. There was one theoretical question about offworld magic (as seen from Vheshrame) -- I thought that it would be cryptic, and Zanniajaia thought it would be just as detectable as ordinary magic. We looked things up in some books. She's probably right, except in the case of offworld magic from demigods and such, which could get very confusing. I hope this question never ever becomes practical.

And then I asked her to join me for dinner at Ghu Navage Ghu.

And she said yes.

The yes!

Well, she actually said, "Sure, why not?"

Is that less enthusiastic? Or just an ordinary thing to say? [The translation is accurate; it could be either. -bb]

Is she traff?

How hard would it be to make a device that told whether people were traff without use of Mentador? (Um ... the very hard... I suppose you'd need to snoop back in time and read and interpret the whole life story. And that would only work if there was much evidence for it too. Very hard, and probably illegal.)

Aren't traff-folk supposed to get to recognize each other?

If there's a secret traff tail-wave, I wish someone would let me in on the secret...

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