Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Consequences of the Trowel [25 Consimbs 4261]


Dear Sythyry -- You did that one properly, if maybe a touch obnoxiously. Glad you're getting the hang of court proprieties. Keep that trowel safe! It is at least a valuable collector's item. You might actually show it to some of the Academy faculty. I don't know if there's anyone there at the moment who knows or cares much about other universes, not since Dunpaeth died, but it might be worth a bit of investigation.

And, also:

Dear Sythyry -- It is unacceptable for you to keep the entirety of this implement of horticulture. I recommend that the item be sold, and that one-third of the proceeds be given to the given to the treasury.
-- Eddarna

And, indeed:

Dear Sythyry -- I wish you wouldn't bring offworld stuff into the city. Could you put the trowel somewhere safe for a year or two? Perhaps your father's tower, under some powerful magical locks or some such? Under no circumstances should you sell it! It's far too dangerous! Come talk to me if you have any questions
-- Kaim-Su

This is now officially baffling. And, when I way "officially", I mean "inscribed on very official court or guard stationery." I'd rather just have my awful breakup to be mopey about.

Addendum: Zemi is my half-sibling Hezimikkainen. Eddarna is the lord of the treasury. Kaim-Su is the important city guard.

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