Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Trowel [24 Consimbs 4261]

Dear Lord Eddarna --
I am writing today to inform you that I am embezzling one (1) trowel. This trowel has a steel blade, and a steel tang running through a wooden handle. The tang is attached to the blade by means of a pair of large rivets. I estimate its weight as a pound or a pound and a half. The trowel is in exceedingly crappy condition. The blade shows signs of considerable wear, and is very rusty. The handle is quite aged, to the point of, I think, slipping around the tang when one tries to dig with it. Bits of alien soil cling to it in spots. If considered as a trowel, it's probably worth a few terch. If considered as a hunk of metal, it's probably worth a couple hundred lozens. If considered as an offworld artifact of exciting provenance, I need to consult a dealer in curiosities. In any case, it's not magical. If you or the Duke or someone needs a share of it as a bribe or taxes or something, please let me know. I plan to throw it in my closet, discover it to my surprise when I move out of Quelldrie House, and try to figure out what to do with it then. I have sent copies of this letter to Hezimikkinen and Kaim-Su.
I'm really trying to follow the laws when embezzling.
-- Sythyry
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