Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Ginger and the Tail of a Snake [24 Consimbs 4261]

I moped in Seeks-Harps' stove for far too long, then dashed to a store and got five pounds of candied ginger, and usd my damnable The Swift Swift Shadow with the Strong Strong Tail to tow it behind me. (Yes. Damnable. It cost me my boyfriend already, and I've only had it four days.)

Vae:"Hiio, Sythyry!"

Vae teleported around me many dozen times very fast, so fast I couldn't really see her clearly. She wasn't showing off as much as she could have been, though, since it was a single twelve-fold spell rather than twelve individual ones and a time-manipulation spell so she could cast them very fast. She could do it that way. She's done it before. This time she wasn't trying to intimidate me. I think she was dancing.

Me:"Hello, Vae. You look happy."

Vae:"Oh, the yes! The there's a big happiness on me."

Me:"Why's that?"

Vae:"The I've figured out what it is that I do not like about myself!"

Me:"I beg your pardon, Vae?"

Vae:"It's my arms and legs that I hate!"

There are times in ambassadoring that only the wittiest, subtlest repartee will do. This was obviously one of those times, and so:


Vae:"It's my arms and legs that I hate!"

Me:[in the Nice Language, just in case she'd gotten the Ketherian wrong]"You hate your arms and legs?"

Vae:"The yes, the yes! See?"

She stopped teleporting around. Specifically, she transferred the teleport-around spell to a bluebottle fly. (I don't know what happened to the fly. Can a fly get space-sick? Probably not ... considering what they eat, I don't imagine that nausea is permitted to them.)

Vae had, indeed, removed her arms and legs, and streamlined her body considerably. She was a sixty-foot whip of a snake, with an extremely cute forkytongued face and a plain emerald-green-on-slightly-darker-emerald-green diamond pattern in her scales and not much else by way of features.

Me:"That's straightforward and elegant." As I said that, I knew despair, for I had not mentioned the need for such gentle replies in my Nendrai Ethology exam yesterday.

Vae:"The truly! Try it!"

I would rather not have tried it, actually. Unfortunately, I can't resist Vae's tail. But it was definitely time for The Conversation again.

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