Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Doom! [22 Consimbs 4261]

[OOC - sorry no updates in a while. I've been sick. -bb]

Sorry I haven't written for a week and a half. It's the end of the term and I've been busy. Specifically, busy with:

  1. Learning all those spells I bought.
  2. Performing pleasant physical manipulations on my boyfriend.
  3. Ambassadoring at Vae
  4. Rubbing my boyfriend's back when it was sore after he fell asleep in the library.
  5. Finishing up all the various labors in all the various classes.
  6. Bringing my boyfriend several very nice takeout fish dinners when he was working late for his own classes.
  7. Mediating between Thery and Levande in a nasty fight about ... um ... everything, but most specifically about why Levande had told Thery that Yarwain was boinking Iska. (Maybe he is? I'm very confused about this whole thing.)
  8. Boinking my boyfriend, definitively.
  9. Getting up early early early, and finishing off an Enchantment project in a single week!
  10. Staying up late late late comforting my boyfriend with kind words and intimate physical distractions when one of his professors ripped his left ear off repeatedly over many blatant errors of fact in his term paper. (One might excuse Ilottat putting Taranthayn on Aradrueia, and it really doesn't matter for this linguistics paper anyways, but Ilottat should have known that the average of some numbers between 400 and 700 was not 1,814.)

The enchantment project was The Swift Swift Shadow with the Strong Strong Tail. It carts five pounds of non-Durudor stuff (yes, it can carry water, and flaming candles, and even candied memories if you somehow manage to candy some memories (and they don't weight too much)) around behind me, moving as fast as I move even if I'm diving as fast as I can, say. I fussed for a long while about this, but the spell that could carry twenty-five pounds was simply too slow to follow me.

And it works a very remarkable twelve times a day. If you know much about Enchantment, you will understand how very proud of myself I ought to be for making it in a week -- not only did I get it to work the first time, but I learned and used a fancy technique for enchanting things quickly. (Which is the real point of taking the fancy section of Applied Enchantment, by the way. This is a trick that not every graduating student in enchantment has mastered! (Only the ones whose connections are good enough to get them into the fancy section of Applied Enchantment, or whose wits are good enough to figure it out from one of the eighty-eight books on the topic in the library.))

Anyways, I invited Ilottat to Quelldrie House last night to celebrate. (Specifically, I told my loyal and occasionally helpful go-between Anoof to invite him over. We are still pretending to be uninvolved.)

Doom, doom, so stupid of a doom ...

I was showing my SSSwtSST off to Ilottat and Anoof and Ghirbis and Dustweed and Tethezai. I flew up to my room, had the talisman pick up a shoe, and then powerdived down the side of the house to show that it could follow me down. It did.

I wish it hadn't.

I don't ordinarily wear shoes. I need my feet for perching, landing, writing, and clawing my wings so I don't do insanely stupid things. (Especially the latter.)

But I did get a few pairs for being Orren.

I had originally planned to get the plum-colored Sir Glass sandals that I had bought with Ilottat. But, of course, they're made of glass. Which is Durudor. Which means the SSSwtSST can't pick them up.

So I grabbed one of the other shoes from the back of the closet. A rather distinctive greenish suede sandal sort of thing, with a rather distinctive splotch on the front of it where Ilottat, um, stained it somehow in a squirt whose range very much surprised both of us.

After the powerdive, when my roomates and as-good-as-roommates were being suitably congradulative ("Sythyry, that's a complexity-5 spell. I should think you could just cast it when you want!), Ilottat was being unsuitably perceptive.

Ilottat:"Sythyry? The last time I saw that Sandelholz, sandal, you had left it in my Zimmer, room when you ran out all upset after you broke up with me. Somehow it vanished, along with the rest of your clothes and some of my books and Gepäck, luggage. How is it that it has returned to you?"

I'm afraid that my explanation ("Um ... I got another pair like that.") didn't satisfy him. ("And who did you get to stain it so unterscheidend, distinctively?") And the fact that Tethezai, who knew the full story, was laughing so terribly didn't help one bit.

After some very bad discussion, Ilottat put on all his countly dignity and said, "I will not have a Geliebter, lover, who steals things from my room. Anoof, do the rest." and stomped off.

Anoof didn't have all that much to do but shrug and look helpless, 'til I breathed fire on his nose and sent him away.

Tethezai congratulated me on getting rid of the ickiest boyfriend in the city, 'til I breathed fire on her nose and sent her away.

Ghirbis and Dustweed provided a great deal of brandy and sympathy -- Ghirbis putting off doing a final assignment to do that -- and kept me from doing anything rash. (No, not rash like suicide, and not rash like getting Vae to modify his opinions, and not rash like having my seven-winged burning thing eat the Daukrhame embassy. Rash like going to Across Saga and boinking that Cani woman from Ulmarn who never refused anyone.)

I'm not sure what to do now. This is just terrible.

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