Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Unangry! Or, Disgusted! [9 Consimbs 4261]

We -- and when I say "we", I rather grudgingly mean mostly Nestrune -- calmed Prof. Wynge down, and plied him with brandy and grilled peppered prunes in Cafe du Fronde, and let him tell the sordid story several times, with variations.

For those who care, the story is approximately thus. Prof. Wynge personally said about two-thirds of it; the rest is conjecture and research.

  1. Prof. Wynge was not aware that a banded purple and gold waistcoat was the sign of a traff whore seeking Cani customers. He got such a waistcoat at a used-clothing store, and accepted many kind words from Prof. Phrass about it. (For the record, neither was I, nor Nestrune, nor Esory of course, nor much of anyone else -- I asked about it in Across Saga later, and as far as I can tell, it was such a sign for a year or two, some decades past ... presumably when Prof. Phrass was last hunting for traff whores.)
  2. Prof. Wynge got Prof. Phrass a nice birthday present of a bottle of scented fur-oil. Of course, a Rassimel can't simply walk into a Cani scented-things shop and buy something suitable; only Cani can smell all the fine points of the scents, and only Cani know all the connotations. So Wynge asked, "I wish to buy a scented fur-oil suitable for Prof. Phrass." Which, presumably, the Cani scented-things seller interpreted as, "I wish to buy a scented fur-oil suitable for my lover Prof. Phrass.", as Prof. Phrass's frequent transaffectionate adulteries are notorious in some parts of the city.
  3. This and that else happened that could, with sufficient hopefulness or foolishness, be interpreted as invitations by Prof. Wynge to Prof. Phrass.
  4. Prof. Phrass hinted at the prospects of a more personal liaison. For several weeks. With increasing obviousness. After a couple of weeks Prof. Wynge started to notice, and became uncomfortable, and then became quite uncomfortable, and said "NO!".
  5. Prof. Phrass, by sufficient hopefulness and foolishness, took NO!" for "I require further seduction and subtle blandishments, such as shy seducees-and-blandishees often do." And, by way of seduction started hinting about the connection between Prof. Wynge's career and Prof. Phrass' recommendation, and, then, between the recommendation and the physical affection.
  6. Prof. Wynge asked coldly, "What are you hinting at?".
  7. Prof. Phrass said hotly, "Nothing less than an hour of physical pleasure between the two of us, such as we both have been dreaming of these last many weeks."
  8. Prof. Wynge overturned Prof. Phrass' desk onto Prof. Phrass, and fled.
  9. They both showed up at class (a third of an hour later), and the rest I have described.

I can't say that either professor sounds particularly well-behaved at the moment.

At any rate, Nestrune arranged a sort of truce between the professors, in which they don't talk to each other and split the teaching of the rest of the term (not much!) and split the grading of the rest of the term, and avoid each other after that.

I'm glad he managed that. I wouldn't have dared dictate terms to two professors, but then, I'm not a crown prince of anywhere.

I admit that I sulked most of the afternoon.

Should I:

Overturn a desk onto Prof. Phrass
Overturn a desk onto Prof. Wynge
Overturn a desk to use as a hiding-place from both of them.

Nestrune is:

A prince among primes
A crown prince among the primes of Daukrhame
Utterly intimidating
Utterly desirable
Utterly horrid to have in one's social circle
Not able to date everyone I'm interested in (Not that I'm dating anyone but Ilottat! Really!).
Not nearly sufficiently smitten with Iska.
Able to skewer my heart in a duel so it's not worth trying.
Enviable, but I'm overdoing it.
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