Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Angry! [9 Consimbs 4261]

Vae looked very meek when I brought her smoked sausages and stuffed noodles today. Well, she looked a bit on the orgasmic side when I gave them to her (as usual), and quite embarrassed for a while afterwards (as usual), but aside from that she looked all meek and ashamed. We only had The Conversation once, and I almost could have skipped it -- she didn't, strictly, transform me, she just transformed my basket. (Into a sentient fireworks demonstration, of course. (I have no idea why she did it.))

Ilottat was on quite good behavior as well (last night, but that's just fine). He didn't complain when I asked if we could ... never mind, it's something that I enjoy a lot and that all my sources (viz. a few books and periodicals that I purchase with cash, not a ~maternal~ allowance, and which I take a very anonymous Rassimel shape when I'm slinking off to buy) say that male Orren ought to enjoy too. I don't know why he doesn't enjoy it ... probably I have the wrong attitude or something. Or scales. Anyways, he did it with me, and even almost pretended to enjoy it.

[For those who care, Bard doesn't know what Sythyry is talking about here. -bb]

And he didn't say anything meaner about me than calling me "snippy." I can't really dispute "snippy", can I?

No, the current odd emotional dramatic explosion is, surprisingly enough, Prof. Wynge. Prof. Wynge is ordinarily the calmest and most tranquil Rassimel that you could possibly imagine. (Unless you know Iska, in which case you must describe Prof. Wynge as the calmest and most tranquil Rassimel that you would be willing to associate yourself with.)

Today in class, Prof. Wynge bit Prof. Phrass' left ear off. Five times. I didn't exactly take notes:

  1. Prof. Phrass had the foolishness to suggest that the snacks that Esory brought be distributed after class instead of immediately.
  2. Prof. Phrass had the utter stupidity to suggest that Dhamma Discordioo said that nendrai are all female and only turn male when they feel like it. (I looked in the sourcebook afterwards. That's what Dhamma Discordioo said.)
  3. Prof. Phrass had the deep and severe idiocy to suggest that no nendrai ever voluntarily entered prime service. I have to agree with Prof. Wynge here. Vae's about as much in Vheshrame's service as, oh, the city-state of Daukrhame.
  4. Prof. Phrass had the stinking and utter and ridiculous brainlessness to suggest that Bengvkt slew Llenllezlleullewllro single-handed, when, of course, Bengvkt actually had the entire city guard and wizards and such of Pelvion as well.
  5. Prof. Phrass had the insane and cosmic and blood-gelatinizing and turdlike moronicity to suggest that we stay two minutes after class to finish up a few fine points that he (Prof. Phrass) had glossed over. (I think that Phrass might have been distracted by this or that one of Wynge's insults.)

Esory and Nestrune and I cornered Prof. Wynge after class. Prof. Wynge's tail was all a ringy bottlebrush bristle, and he was as angry a Rassimel as I've ever seen.

Us:"Is something wrong?"

Prof. Wynge:"I am about to be fired. I am about to be sent back to Tauvane in the best disgrace that Celandine can manage. I may yet find Cani blood on my hands; indeed, it is distinctly to be wished for. In short, nothing is the least bit wrong."

Us:"We do not find this wholly convincing, nor wholly specific."

Prof. Wynge:"I shall challenge that fat letcher Phrass to a duel as soon as I can arrange matters."

Us:"A duel? This seems more than a minor professional dispute."

Prof. Wynge:"Hah. If someone is making it into more than a professional dispute, it is Phrass. He has made offers to me that no Cani should ever make to a Rassimel, never."

Esory and Nestrune loyally and helpfully chose to stare at me at this point. This is wholly unfair of Nestrune, whose carnal connesseurship (or, more properly, gourmandship) is hardly limited to his own species. Esory is of course cisaffectionate.

Prof Wynge:[obliviously]"And hinted that the degree of advancement I have in this cursed academy will be based on his recommendation, which, in turn, can be swayed by my prompt and full compliance to his requests."

Oh dear. Or, to be more specific and precise, "Oh, dearie". If one of my professors in the class that the Duke has required me to take kills the other in a vengeful cisaffectionate fury, and probably causes an international incident thereby ... well ... what could possibly happen?

Or, for that matter, what could possibly happen to a rather publicly and notoriously traff student of a professor who wishes and intends to kill for cisaffectionate reasons?

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