Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Fair Trade [6 Consimbs 4261]

I didn't entirely avoid nausia-sickness, I'm afraid. Later that afternoon, though, I did get an admiring look from Prof. Wynge for vomitting on a nendrai and surviving.

Though it did rather catch her attention, the way an emergency does. She instantly stopped crying and got calm and collected and moving much faster than someone so big has any right to. The nausea wasn't due to any attack, though, so she simply did me the kindness of teleporting us back to the Halflight Gate. Where she felt the need to apologize for a variety of things, which included:

Apology My Response
For being the most horrible monster that ever came to Ketheria. To point out that she was not. At the very least, there was an exceedingly large slug that surely is a better contender for the honor.
For not taking us inside sooner when I was so obviously ill. Her hide was the one that suffered for it! (Though, technically, it did not suffer; some of her many many layered defensive spells disposed of the vomitus before it could touch her.)
For casting spells on me without my consent. "Consider The Conversation had." I was too rattled to actually have it, and she knows it by heart besides.
For consecrating things so badly. It's quite all right. (It is, too, or so I hope. I have no idea what she meant by that.)
For living in a galangal root. I've lived in worse.
For not showing me around the rest of the house. Some other time, Vae. (I'm quite sure this was the diplomatic answer. I'd really rather not see any more of it.)
For offending me. I'm fine, really.
For being the most horrible monster that has come to Vheshrame this century to date. "That's so specific as to barely be worth worrying about. I, myself, am the most horrible criminal to sleep in the fireplace of the Carcanofex Suite in Quelldrie House."
At which point, she said, "I wish I could see Quelldrie House."

My reply was, perhaps, the most foolish thing I have ever said, but I was rattled. "I can show you."

Vae:"And you can? Not you're going to smuggle me into Vheshrame somehow?"

Me:"Oh, nothing so big as that. I'll buy a simple enough Sustenoc spell, and capture some pictures in nuts, and bring them out to show you."

Vae:"Oooh, I'd love that!" She got all panty and eager in a way that bothers me some, and, honestly, bothers her more.

Me:"I do want something in exchange though."

Vae:"And what's that?"

Me:"That Gormoror."

Vae:"... oh! ... Well, I ... suppose so. The I'll want very good pictures though. The ones that work with all my senses."

Me:"How about just all my senses? 'cause you've got seven-times-twelve times as many as me."

Vae:"Well, only eight or nine times."

Me:"Well, I can't do that, I'm not nearly good enough."

Vae:"Oh, that's too bad..."

Me:"You can do that spell, can't you?"

Vae:"Well, the I can, yes. A scrying spell? The I thought that was not to be allowed in the city." She had the decency to look embarrassed.

Me:"A scrying spell, no, but a recording spell ought to be. Though I'll have to get some permission to do this one."

Vae:"I'll make a seashell straightaway." And she did, with, of course, an insanely complicated spell on it.

There were more details, but they're in the official report. Prof. Gostegg was dragged to the gate to examine the spell, using the Eye of Mirizan and Melizan. (He went to the wrong gate at first, for extra helpfulness, and I wound up flying halfway around the city.) Kaim-Su was then given a full report, and decided he couldn't let a nendrai's recording spell into the city on his own, so he asked the Duke, who made Hezimikkinen deal with it, and ...

Not long before nightfall -- and incidentally standing Ilottat up -- I had the pleasure of scooting around Quelldrie House holding a seashell with an insanely complicated spell on it, to rescue someone whose name I didn't even know.

Dustweed:"Sythyry, why are you flying around the whole house waving that very magical seashell?"

Me:"Why, to rescue someone whose name I didn't even know, of course. What did you think?"

Dustweed:"But you already have an Orren lover!"

Me:"This one's a Gormoror."

Dustweed:"I didn't know you liked Gormoror."

Me:"I don't like Gormoror."

Dustweed:"Then why are you doing it?"

Me:"Because I'm pretty sure that my great-grandparent sent him to rescue me, but it didn't work out very well for him."

Dustweed:"Are you sure you're not an adventurer?

Me:"Absolutely sure. A true adventurer wouldn't have asked permission to bring the thing in the gate."

Which is a total lie. This matter was an entire and whole adventure, I'm sure of it, and a quite foolish one that's entirely too close to treason and/or doorwaying to be the least bit comfortable.

But I'd never seen anyone turned inside-out before.

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