Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Favor I Won't Repay [6 Consimbs 4261]


Me:"A word that many might pronounce as 'hello', but I suppose you needn't fuss too much about that."

Vae:"Would it be easier on me if I said it as 'hello'? I doubt me that as many as one prime in twelve would say of me, 'She may be a nendrai, but she pronounces 'hello' properly, so I shall not fear or dread her!'" She was grinning.

Me:"For a horrid ravening monster, you're certainly picking up courtly wit!" Actually her wit is more than a little limp by court standards, but one must make allowances. Considering that she never has and never will actually see the court.

Vae:"So what is it you bring me for my exceedingly valuable hethica and licorice roots?"

I had brought her some sausage-and-watercress sandwiches and a manual of different kinds of world-tree bark.

Vae:"Your gifts and kind words have wholly seduced me!"

Me:Terror. Lots and lots and lots of terror.

Vae:Tailtap. Just one. It ripped through all my defenses of course.

Vae:"Well, not that kind of seduced. It's court talk I'm trying to learn. Welcome to my home, though, Sythyry."

I sort of babbled The Conversation at her. She pointed out that I had agreed to visit her home, so it wasn't entirely suitable for The Conversation.

And then she offered to show me around. I didn't really feel that I was in any position to refuse such an offer.

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