Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

No Party For Me (or, Party For Me) [3 Consimbs 4261]

Following my ~mother~'s advice, I did not have a spell-learning party for Extra Sleep in the Morning. Instead, I had a very ordinary date with Ilottat, except that the next morning showed up a good three hours later than one might reasonably expect.

Well-rested and well-stickied is a very nice combination.

Though, at this rate, I'm gonna wind up buying cley two or three times a week, once Enchantment gets going.

Here's more or less how it works. [Yes, this is how zie wrote the table. I know it's confusing, even without the mistake zie acknowledges. -bb]

Good Day
Bad Day

Cley I get naturally
Oops, I wrote these backwards.
Cley to visit Ilottat
Well, usually the 6 is a really really good day.
Cley for enchantment
It *can* go as low as 3 or as high as 18, but that's rare.
Cley for learning spells

Cley from meditation
If I spend time in a fireplace, and if things go well.
Cley for grooming

Cley for adventurer training spells

Cley for practicalities
Carrying books!

Which is not to say that I'm going to need to track down eighteen cley on a bad day. But I might well need three or four, and not have time to meditate to get it. (I had sort of thought that Extra Sleep would help with meditating time, but Extra Sleep really only works if I have an hour or two to use it on -- it doesn't create entirely new time, it just gives a really good deal on time I already have.)

So ... yes, I have bought cley a few times already this term. I can imagine that I'll need to do it more often.

For the information of monsters and exceedingly decent people: buying cley is not a very decent activity. Indeed, selling cley is rather shameful -- it's rather like selling your sexual services for cheap. Buying cley isn't so embarrassing, but it does point out that I don't get enough. And I get a lot, by student standards; I've really been working on it.

Yes, ~mother~ did give me a budget for buying cley.

No, after the incident with buying spells -- in accordance with zir budget! -- I don't really want to take full advantage of buying cley.

So, I could cut down on the cley I use (which is possible but awkward and will render life itself meaningless and miserable, or at least, cut down on my time with my boyfriend). I could increase how much cley I get (which I am doing as quickly as anyone could -- adventuring is good for that -- but it's still slow).

I could find other ways to do these things...

  1. Find a nonmagical way to get to Ilottat's apartment without the spies thinking he's traff. Or perhaps persuade him to come get sticky in my room once in a while. Or otherwise need less magical subterfuge there.
  2. Enchant devices for grooming myself and carrying things.
  3. Hire a bodyservant to carry things. (Or one who has the right grooming spells and the skill to cast them, but that's harder)

There's really only one sensible choice in that list, isn't there?

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