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1) Is cioe_b introverted or extroverted? polyverted
2) One quality you find attractive in qeveren? sentence structure
3) What exotic animal would caiteag like as a pet? mantichora
4) Does chebutykin know dragonwyn? intimately!
5) What video game does verse remind you of? Pocket Protecter
6) Is wolphyn friends with rserocki? Yup
7) Where would mazlynn most like to visit? Italbar
8) Would ben_mouse and nixve look good together? Like caramel on an apple
9) What song/movie would you recommend to baroquevertigo? To Helen: A Handbasket
10) Do you have rebelcoyote's screenname? I screen it, I scream it
11) How long would hellbent4carob dating fringe_worthy last? About 450 years
12) What comic book character would lederhosen be? Dr. Strangelove.
13) Are bradhicks and paka going out? Just making out
14) Did coppercheetah break up with you? Well, he's still sending presents.
15) What planet should auliya be from? Rocstar
16) Are rockworm and krdbuni married? Yup.
17) Does jenwrites travel a lot? Constantly
18) Would nekojin be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja
19) What is arkineux's biggest flaw? Excessive radiation flux
20) bluedeer's eye color? Blue, dear.
21) Would firecat go out with llaregyb? Only to cheap discos.
22) What word best describes kitanzi? octophlange
23) If hakeber took over the world, who would be happy? Everyone under the height of 5'4"
24) What do you agree with game_of_october about? That October is over
25) Has cioe_b dyed their hair? Blooo!
26) If shawnj and genecatlow were spliced together, what would it be like? Shawcatlow
27) What flavor of jello would onebluedragon be? Tofu
28) What is sillydragon's favorite food? Tofu
29) Does deliriouskitten have a big secret? Yes. From me!
30) When did you last call onebluedragon? October.
31) What would you do if you found out nerosaur has a crush on you? Cry!
32) How would amaltheae conquer the world? Insidious, subtle barbarian hordes
33) Does shawnj do drugs? He invited me to a tylenol party once.
34) What would you do if partiallyclips died? Rename it 'totallyclips'
35) Have you flirted with sofawolf? Yes!
36) Is nanoshawn in a relationship? No!
37) Does koogrr smoke? He smoulders
38) Is impytoes your best friend? No
39) Would you set up rakafkaven and caiteag? Heavily.
40) If yulicorn had a superpower, what would it be? Angst blast
41) If kurtoons and skele were siamese twins, where would they be joined? Toledo, Ohio.
42) Would you wrestle elizabethbear in jello? Yes, unless there was canned fruit salad in the jello.
43) One thing you can't stand about laertia? Hypnotism.
44) Do you think protocat is hot? 104 deg. F is feverish!
45) What color should revar dye their hair? A sharp minor.
46) What is dabroots's favorite band/artist? Varttina
47) Is byackley single? I hope so!
48) What is coppercheetah's shoe size? 482
49) If bartolomi were hanging off a cliff, what would partran do? Flee!
50) Which of your friends should auliya go out with? Half of them, I think.
51) Does aeto have a crush on sillydragon? Everyone has a crush on sillydragon.
52) Would you ever date kensan_oni? Sure
53) How would daveqat kill varjohaltia? Holy water, intravenously.
54) What is lightcycle's favorite movie? Battlefield: Earth
55) How tall is meallanmouse? a couple inches.
56) Is sdragon a high school student? Yup
57) Which president would thraxarious be likely to idolize? Joshua Norton
58) If wolflady26 and kmhirosaki were spliced together, what would be its name? Wolf O' Saki
59) If ebonypearl took over the world, who would suffer? Everyone who wasn't hard and/or round and/or dark.
60) Where was oliver_otter born? Ottawa
61) Where did you first meet gen? Anthrocon
62) Does shiver101 go to your school? Yes
63) Where was ferretlass born? In a hole, I presume.
64) What mental disorder does radiofreecatgrl remind you of? Mental freedom
65) What rank would templechild have in a giant robot army? Kaiju Kommander
66) What is pusifoot allergic to? beets
67) What animal should yendi be combined with? a yendi
68) What is lysana's favorite game? Saints and Stalinists.
69) What would justicezero do differently in your shoes? get blisters.
70) What languages does nerosaur speak? French, Quechua, Udru. Not urdo, udru.
71) What do you disagree with collie13 about? Pyeleth-kin
72) What would merripen give volatie for his/her birthday? Spikes
73) What animal does bercilakslady remind you of? A fine weasel stallion
74) Would xianjaguar and jareth_atian make a good couple? Jareth and anyone would make a good couple
75) Would you make out with aynjel? Oooh!
76) Could you see richardsrussell and catharsiscomic together? Well, more of RR appearing in the comic.
77) Is pnh related to shiver101? Distantly
78) Is paka an emo? More of an oni
79) Thoughts on patcat? He's pat! He's a cat!
80) Are kajarainbow and justicezero going steady? Steady on course to ruin!
81) Is krdbuni a college student? Two or three of them!
82) Is chipuni athletic? Very
83) Is kajarainbow a nerd? Very
84) If revar was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? raver!
85) How many monkeys could bluedeer fight at once and win against? 56,131. Tamarins.
86) What would badriyaz think of worldserpent? Too big and scaly.
87) If n commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? Giant ninja warriors in feather berets.
88) Is featheredthesis related to you? Very
89) Have you ever dated tx_hive_queen? I think I had a crush on her husband
90) Does queenofstripes have a dog? A rat
91) How long have you known ruam? Never
92) Does bluedeer drink? Nepanthe, mainly
93) Has richardsrussell been to your house/dorm? no
94) vashra's hair color? Various violet
95) Do you have a crush on nerosaur? I have a crush on everyone
96) Is spikedpunch 1337? A bit younger than that.
97) What is greenreaper's favorite color? Um ... viridian? Or emerald? or ... something like that.
98) Is tempralisis dead sexy? Live sexy!
99) Is shiver101 popular? Shatteringlyi
100) Do daystreet and gatcat go to the same school? Sheepishly!
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