Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Last Day Indoors [27 Oix 4261]

It's the last day of Oix, and the last day that everyone's stuck indoors 'til winter comes around fifty-five days from now. Well, actually people aren't strictly stuck indoors, but outdoors is too hot for everyone in the city but Hezimikkinen and, usually, me. I've been playing Pondspark enough so that I've had some, well, hot dates.

All the mammals and insects are uncomfortable, and most are on the near or far edge of berserk and unendurable.

The Non-Cranky

The main exception is, of course, Ficina. Ficina has learned to giggle.

Also, of course, Ficina can go around naked except for a carefully-placed strip of cloth. And she's helpfully close to the ground, so she's not quite as hot as everyone else.

But back to giggling. Ficina has learned to giggle. This is a major accomplishment, since, up until two days ago, she could say I am unhappy but not I am happy, and the tending of Ficina was entirely in persuading her not to be unhappy and ignoring her the rest of the time, while fighting. (Thery is well enough to fight. Thery, Yarwain, Levande, and various servants are all looking doomed and mopey, so I presume there are many fights going on. I am not sure who is fighting with whom, over what. Iska, of course, is cheerful and chipper, curse it.)

Anyways, here are things that cause Ficina to giggle.

  1. Flipping her nose with a Rassimel nipple. Actually, this only works if she's not too hungry. (She has learned how to nurse on both Thery and Levande now, and I'm casting milky spells on both Thery and Levande now.)
  2. Sitting on her belly and suddenly flapping your wings.
  3. Chanting "Mommy mommy mommy mommy" in Common. She's far too young to understand Ketherian yet, and I don't know that she understands Common even as well as a squirrel or something, but I think she understand that word.
  4. Spinning a black-and-white cardboard disk on a string over her face.
  5. Tickling her chin with your head-feathers.

The Cranky

Who What
Ilottat Bit my left ear off for noting -- in a pleasant and quiet voice! -- that it was more comfortable as a reptile than an Orren.
Ysgwyd Bit my left ear off for not recognizing her in the street. How was I to know it was her? She hadn't brought a Khtsoyis!
Thestra Bit my left ear off for noting that the mighty magic item I'm carrying is not to be stolen. "I don't steal from friends or from Vheshrame citizens," she pointed out, as she handed my left ear back.
Yarwain Bit my left ear off when I suggested that Levande was in fact as lost and perplexed as she acts. "She can devastate a baronical doctor quite thoroughly!" he pointed out.
Levande Bit my left ear off when I joked about Yarwain's non-affair with Iska.
Dustweed Bit my left ear off when I suggested forming a Traff Students' Union. "I'm not traff. I'm just in love with someone of the wrong species," zie said.
Tethezai Bit my left ear off when I suggested forming a Traff Students' Union. "I'm not traff. I'm a libertine. It's very different. And we don't need a Libertine's Student Union."
Ghirbis Bit my left ear off when I suggested forming a Traff Students' Union. "I've had four transaffectionate boyfriends since I came here, and only one was a student or someone who would really be welcome at such a place."
Strenata Changed name to "Seeks-Sythyry's-Left-Ear"
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