Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Far Too Many Spells [26 Oix 4261]

The Spell What It Does The Official Reason The Real Reason
Mansion of Unearthly Delights Huge illusion spell It's a very good showoff spell. It's a very good showoff spell.
Ward that Evades Teleport me out of danger, somewhat I'm not very good with a sword. Like, I can't carry a sword. I spend too much time near a Sleeth.
Invisible Icicles Creates a wall of invisible icicles. Cooling things down in hot Surprise (1) If Rhedwy charges at me, I can put this between us and she will run into it. (2) Dewdrop has a very sweet smile.
Conjure the Fearsome Falcon Creates a big falcon that more or less does what I ask it. It will help me hunt pigeons, and, if necessary, it can harass a Sleeth or a Tavanth in much more legal ways than any Holocaust War weaponry which, in any case, I do not possess. It can intimidate Pazi-Pazi.
Watch the Distant Friend Lets me watch someone, remotely, if I have a suitable connection to them. There is no legitimate reason for me to want this spell. Dewdrop didn't even try to suggest one, she just told me what the spell does. I'm sure that ogling Ilottat while he sleeps isn't a violation of our agreement!
The Gift of Seven Years Increase a mortal's lifespan by a few years. Unfortunately, casting it twice on the same mortal isn't much better than casting it once. An excellent way to make a few hundred lozens' pocket money now and then. Most people who can afford this spell have it cast on them. I want to keep my friends around longer. I can't make them immortal -- that's a hideously hard enchantment to do for someone else -- but a simple (well, complicated) spell isn't nearly so prohibitive. I figure it'll make a nice 54th birthday present for just about anyone.
Parlor of the Elegant Mage Make a blank cloth look like a tapestry. Quelldrie House sometimes needs redecorating I want to be an elegant mage!
Shrink the Road Make a road shorter (for the target of the spell) by half. Dewdrop chattered cutely about it. Impractical Uses of Destroc gave many impractical uses for it.
The Quick Escape Teleports me a few hundred feet away. In case I need to flee from a Sleeth or nendrai. Good for getting out of the house in a hurry, even if there's nobody to open the window. Also, smile.
Tune the Magic Resistance Make my magic resistance considerably stronger against one art -- Mutoc, to pick an example purely at random -- and somewhat weaker against spells not involving it. Dewdrop said, "That's not a very good spell really. It leaves you vulnerable to most magic." All Vae's spells use Mutoc. Not that this'll help a lot, not 'til I'm a lot better, but it's a start.
Eternal Flame Makes a fire burn for hours, or, with Sustenoc, forever.

Dewdrop:"I wasn't expecting to sell that one in Hot Surprise!"

A comfortable bed without having to carry logs!
Extra Sleep in the Morning Give people inside the circle six hours of time, for just four that pass outside of it. Dewdrop said, "This spell..." I said, "I've been coveting that spell for months! I think I can cast it, now, even!"
Change the Awful Sentence Revise time slightly. I can take back the last sentence I said, and say something else in its place. It does leave some fragmentary memories of what happened first though. Dewdrop thought it might be useful for ambassadorring at Vae. Um ... anyone who's read my diary knows just how useful this spell would be to me. Unfortunately I can't cast it yet.
Speak To The Tree Lets me talk to a tree. Dewdrop said a whole lot and was very very cute. I have no idea what, if anything, I could possibly use this spell for.

Well, that's more than two weeks' work to graft them all, even if I didn't have classes. Though starting with Extra Sleep in the Morning would help a bit. I guess Mansion would come next.

It's also more than one month's spell budget, despite the 1/6 discount for buying so many big spells at once. ... but my mother was very generous with my spell budget, and the Bank of Teleporting Hexagons keeps records of how much I haven't spent and can, so I think they'll let me buy them all. If they don't, I'll return some of them.

For all monsters reading -- this is bewildersome. This is a huge pile of powerful and quite varied spells. I could probably buy Quelldrie House outright for about the same price ... not that my ~mother~ would let me buy a mansion, but zie did give me the large budget for spells. I see what zie wants me to learn. Unlike most people who are manipulating me, zie's very nice about it and paying me a great deal.

I could babble about this stuff for a long while. I won't. I'm going to go start grafting spells.

And of course I forgot to get a drying-spell, or a good spell to cart massive amounts of books around. Or even of boxed spells.

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