Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Spells By Dew [26 Oix 4261]

I decided to get the spell called Mansion of Unearthly Delights. Well, the spell is really called Castle of Waking Dreams, except that I want the version that uses Sustenoc (because sustained spells are easier for all Zi Ri) and that version is called Mansion of Unearthly Delights. It creates an illusion, as big and elaborate as a building, which lasts for days. It is just about the most complicated spell I can cast, being of the sixth quantum, or complexity thirty for those who prefer complexities. In all ways it will be a tremendous show-off of a spell.

(Um ... all ways but one. I can't cast it in the really spiffy way, as a mindful spell, not without a bit more stretching. Another month or two of adventuring will do it... I begin to understand the awful lure of adventuring.)

My usual spellshop -- Academy Spellshop -- doesn't carry it. They can order it, but they don't have it. They recommended that I look in Pfirsnavine's Spellshop or Spells of Dew.

I'm not on such good terms with Pfirsnavine. Probably a different Pfirsnavine, not the one married to Dustweed's parents, but I didn't (and don't) know for sure.

Any suggestion that I picked the store run by the Orren out of cheating-on-Illotat reasons is purely a suggestion.

Well, she's not the cutest Orren on the branch. (My boyfriend is that.) She's younger than Flooooosh, older than Ilottat, more round than either one. And more flamboyant. She levitates all the time -- well, in her shop at least -- and is often surrounded by purple crackly sparks and zaps. She's got a delicious habit of little verbal Wild Rushes about anything exciting.

A crush? What on Ketheria makes you think I have a crush on her?

Dewdrop:"Now, if you're going to be doing a lot more adventuring, as I think you said you were, I'd recommend Absence of Blade. It's really really nifty for an illusionist! No, no, anyone who can cast Mansion of Unearthly Delights qualifies as an illusionist well on zir way to fame for it! Absence of Blade makes you look like your swordplay is all different than it is -- that you're fleching high when you're actually martingaling a disengage in seconde backwards. I used it constantly in my salad days in the Verticals! There's no better spell, for the complexity, and you can use it at the same time as anything else."

I didn't swoon at that verbal rush, really. And I promise I recorded all the fencing words right, even though I do not know the first thing about fencing.

Me:"Um ... I ... don't fight with a sword. Too small."

She blinked at me, as if noticing for the first time that I was a Zi Ri.

Dewdrop:"Oh! You'll be wanting a defensive spell then! How about Ward that Evades? It teleports you just a little, just a teeny little bit forwards or backwards or sidewards or upwards or otherwards whenever anything attacks you! It's as gentle as peacock soup, too, doesn't distress you if you're concentrating or anything."

Me:"No, I'm not that kind of adventurer."

Dewdrop:"Every adventurer is that kind of adventurer. Except for the dead ones."

I thought about the pile of defensive spells Vae had put on me in Bfelmykh. A mere little Ward that Evades is nothing compared to them.

I thought about my lab partner with the four legs and no hands and big big claws.

Me:"Excellent idea! I'll take one."

I really don't get a crush on every wild-rushing Orren I see. Really.

[Kudos to Dewdrop's player for a Katrina contribution. -bb]

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