Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Brief and Hopefully Not Obnoxious Round of Self-Praise [26 Oix 4261]

I do not, very often, bother with child's magic. It's formally called "Spontaneous Magic", as if it were just as dignified as Pattern Magic (which is the sort of spells that are made of real psychic stuff and grafted to one's magerium), or Enchantment (which is big and serious and hifalutin'). It's not. It's the kind of magic that children figure out at a very young age. It can only do simple stuff, unless you're quite good. It sometimes costs two or three cley; a pattern spell costs only one. It often does the wrong thing, sometimes quite badly. Many children die from this. And I've got a good collection of pattern spells for most of my ordinary needs.

So I can go for weeks without casting one.

Today, though, it seemed advisable to dry off some of Esory's books, since I was the one to spill water on them in Cafe du Fronde after Enchantment class. Since it was after Enchantment class, I knew I had a lot of cley left, and since I don't have the right drying spell, I thought nothing of sponting one. Destroc Aquador, *pling*. It worked fine and cost two cley. Nothing to it.

But I'm not actually very good at Destroc.

Well, rather, as of last spring I wasn't very good at Destroc. I've been casting The Raven's Beak and such more or less every time I'm near Vae, though, like a good little adventurer. And I guess it counts as adventuring, 'cause I got lots better at Destroc without practicing it any other time.

And Healoc, which I didn't know much about either and hadn't much studied. And even Locador and Mentador and Durudor, ditto. (I don't want to advertise the Mentador too widely -- it's not illegal or immoral to have the skill, but it's pretty wicked to do anything with it for most people.) I really hadn't noticed that much, 'cause I mainly cast Corpador and Herbador spells, and I was already reasonably good at them.

Anyways, I must now boggle at being a reasonably skilled mage at every Noun and Verb: BOGGLE. Even though I had planned it, back when I learned those odd adventurer spells.

(To put this in perspective: Every first-year sorcery student should be moderately good at about three or four Nouns and Verbs, and I was. Now I'm that same degree of moderately good at all of them, and about third- or fourth-year good at Corpador. Which is pretty good for a second-year student!)

Or, another way: a while ago I was very pleased to be able to graft Cloak of Another God. Now I could graft a similarly-challenging spell in, oh, half the Noun+Verb combinations, or a somewhat simpler one in anything.

This is why adventurers Rule The World Tree.

(Aside: They don't, though they used to. Their great-great-grandchildren do. The g-g-gchildren are nobles, living on the titles the g-g-gparents earned by adventuring and heroicizing.)

And my ~mother~ has given me a ridiculous allowance for spells: an allowance which I have barely touched these last three months. I haven't had the spare cley or the spare time.

I am thoroughly frusted with Enchantment at the moment. Skill at Nouns and Verbs is all very well, but between this and that I haven't managed to get much done this term. Prof. Algazond had recommended that I take two weeks off of class and do something else.

When I said I would, I was thinking of doing Ilottat (a nice 'doing') and Thery (a not-nice 'doing').

But that's not all my cley. I was already pretty good at getting cley, and adventuring -- adventuring! -- has only helped a little.

In any case ... I will buy spells. I will learn spells. I will ...

... have more things to waste my cley on, when I'm back to doing enchantments again.

And I'll be able to dry off Esory's book when I spill things on it next time.

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