Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Who Bakes for the Bakers? [25 Oix 4261]

It is Floooooooooooosh's birthday. [And, OOC, happy birthday to beetiger!] One must wonder, then, who bakes a cake for the baker?

Well, in this case, the answer is (1) her assistants and some local friends, and, without knowing about (1), (2) her family.

I was one of the local friends, naturally; I had bought her an Exceedingly Elegant And Somewhat Pointy Hat with a glass fish curled around it.

In any case, we were busy at work an hour and a third before dawn setting this and that up in the bakery -- Floosh usually gets there an hour before dawn -- when various of Floosh's family showed up. They had evidently talked Whelkie into making a quick nighttime trip in Wastrel Heart.

We were not anticipating such an arrival, and we had already covered most of the free space in the back of the shop with partyments. Of course Riverred and Flounderbouncer and Diffitt started setting up their partyments on the non-free spaces, like the big board table upon which Floosh and others generally roll rolls, bun buns, and loaf loaves. This instantly entailed a bicker of sorts with some of the actual bakers -- "Holding a spare party for Flooosh is very well, but we must not incapacitate the shop!".

To which Riverred responded by moving their party to the customers' tables, which was of course even worse.

So, when Floosh walked in, yawning, she did not find a party, much less two. She found two half-parties, bickering at each other, and her shop in a chaos of a mess. And a three-year-old Orren toddler picking blueberries out of a tart in the display case.

Under the fearsome eye of Flooosh, the two parties were unified into a single, grander, bicakeulous party, in which the traditional rituals were done quickly and with great efficiency, and blueberries were washed off of hands without anyone really thinking the worse of it.

Further festivities await her, or so I should think. Classes await me!

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