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In case you were wondering, I did not feed Dustweed any offirrah. It would make zir sick. Not in the sense it makes Thery sick: Herethroy cannot digest meat. No, zie's not ill. Zie's moping. Moping forwards and moping backwards. I'd suspect zie was lovesick except that zie doesn't seem to have any friends of zir own species.

I, too, am moping somewhat, but I am moping more determinedly and more properly, over politics. The Duke of Vheshrame has removed my sister from most of zir honorary positions -- zie was Bishop of the Roll'gainst Quarter, and Lord Summoner of the Legeriat, and .. four or five other titles which added up to half a day's work each year, and about sixty thousand lozens a year. Not a little bit of money! Not a little bit of honor! But zie had accumulated those titles over the last couple hundred years, and the current Duke decided that he wanted to reward some of his friends. And the next time that Hezimikkainen scolded him and urged him to take the long view of his latest building project, he stripped zir of all the titles that were strippable.

Not that zie has to move out of zir suite in the ducal palace or anything. Not that zir weekly stipend isn't fifty times my annual one. Not that zie won't be a major power in Vheshrame when the current Duke's statues have rotted of old age.
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