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A Hideous Obsession

I'm doomed.

I'm so doomed.

I have actually acquired a taste for offirrah. To the extent that I now have a moderate-sized stout maroon-glazed clay pot in the pantry. It is well-sealed with wax. It has to be well-sealed with wax; if it is not, Thery and Dustweed can smell it and complain to me with force and vigor. Even if it is sealed, Havune can smell it, but it's his fault that it's there.

Yesterday's lunch: three boiled songbird eggs with a drop of offirrah on each one, and five grapes.

Yesterday's second lunch: a large biscuit and a bit of Thery's shrimp-cream and a couple chub-beetles. With a drop of offirrah in the shrimp-cream.

Yesterday's supper: Some spinach with honey and powdered venison; a pren; and, in a moment of mania, a bit of bread with farmer's cheese (stolen from Dustweed) and offirrah.

Yesterday's midnight snack: Bits of stolen farmer's cheese dipped in offirrah.

Today's breakfast: Tea and porridge with a glop of offirrah in the porridge. And cream. Cream and offirrah.

Today's lunch: breath-grilled small squashes and spinach, with offirrah cream on them.

Today's second lunch: Chub-beetles and noodles. Even an obssessed Zi Ri can't have offirrah at every meal. Though I thought about it...

Today's supper: Guntry tongue and dumplings in wine sauce. With a small clawful of offirrah in the sauce. Alas!

I'm sure this is going to be trouble...
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