Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Off Orrenning About [19 Chirreb 4261]

I haven't been to Tulterillo's for almost a year ... I took Strenata there when I was trying to seduce her at first, but I haven't been back. What a difference, going there in Orren shape with my sweet Orren boyfriend!

I finally go around to buying some good Orren clothes, including a sapphire-colored bustier and short skirt and matching Sir Glass sandals. (Sir Glass is glass that has been magically hardened, to the point of being something you dare wear on your feet at a dance. [OOC -- cowboy_r invented the spell, a long while ago. -bb]) It's a bit more than an Orren ordinarily might wear during Hot Surprise, but it looks good on me and I don't mind being hot.

Or maybe I just like blue.

Actually I didn't wear the sandals for very long -- I got blisters! I'm not used to wearing shoes. I'll have to get something more soft and comfortable if I go bipedding around more.

(Note to self: If any relatives come to visit, this clothing should be hidden well, perhaps in a roommate's closet. Dating Orren is bad enough. Being Orren, part-time, might not be well-received at all, especially when one is flaunting one's Orren boyfriend all over.)

Ilottat was his usual elegant self, with a harness of plum leather and a very short skirt. We stopped in a Rassimel shoeshop and got him a pair of plum-colored Sir Glass sandals on the way to the restaurant, just for fun and 'cause it was early, and what's the point of having a nice allowance if you can't stop to buy expensive silly things for no good reason now and then?

(Hint for those who take the rhetorical question literally: see this journal entry for the reason.)

Buying the shoes took quite a long time, though. I had to go in the dressing room to help Ilottat out, and I wound up spending two cley on two Cloak of Another God spells, and fulfilling clause 5. I'm sure the clerk in the shoestore knew approximately what was going on. One does not ordinarily need a private dressing room to buy shoes, after all. Still, when buying 28-lozen shoes, one might reasonably expect a bit of laignappe.

Anyways, we got to Tulterillo's a full hour late. Ilottat used his mighty powers as a Foreign Dignitary and as an Honorary Count and got us a table in under the ninth part of an hour -- ahead of the noble Baron Squesset Prawnce-Mahandy. I, from my own rank and station, would not be able to cut in line ahead of the noble Baron Squesset Prawnce-Mahandy.

We both had Tulterillo's Classic and Traditional Dinner for Orren Lovers -- the tasting menu. It is "Classic and Traditional" in the sense that they change it every few weeks, so, if you eat there often, you could get the same thing twice. They have a more adventurous tasting menu as well.

Food Me Ilottat
Amuse-Bouche Candied eel scraps tied in knots around a tiny pungent pickled baby squash Oysters stuffed with leeks and oregano, and deep-fried, and served with chili-arhoolie sauce.
Wine Ste. Threnody. I drank a whole bottle of Ste. Threnody myself, over the course of dinner, just like a full-sized prime would. Very strange. Oh, and the wine was as good as you would expect, too. A sangria, but with wine from the Grasiert vineyards in Girath. (Aradruiea, the next branch over. Not the most expensive or famous possible -- that's Darraden's style, not Tulterillo's -- but exotic and exciting.)
First Course: The Milds Rainbow Trout, Tulterillo's style. Which is to say, the fillet was covered with a regular array of julienned vegetables and chiffonade of spices -- forming a whole rainbow from one end of the fillet to the other. Incense-smoked busky. Busky is a very common fish -- you can catch them for free in the pond -- but it was smoked with alathzoin and, um, I can't remember what else, giving it a flavor that was simultaneously delicate yet incomprehensible, and delicious yet expensive.
Second Course: The Wilds A bowl of live minnows in consommee, served with a little net and a spoon. Five bite-sized live frogs in a bowl of sweet-and-sour sauce, served with a pair of tongs. Ilottat fed me one of them -- squirmy and delicious!
Third Course: The Milds I was given a quiver of very very tender guntry steak holding twelve asparagus arrows, served with some sort of herbed cream sauce. Ilottat was given a bow made of a very stretched baked yam stuffed with forcemeat, and strung with a long noodle. This was a lovers' special; we had to share. It was pretty, and romantic, and tasty enough, but not as delicious as the other courses.
Fourth Course: The Wilds A chili-infested zabouf fillet, served with creamed vegetables to cut the heat. I almost breathed fire after the first bite, Orren mouth or no Orren mouth! A long braided thing, consisting of: one strand of blackscale eel, one strand of spiced scallop sausage, and one strand of ginger. It was tied around a big squash stuffed with slightly sweet and very cinnamonny cheese.
Dessert Creme Brulee. Just plain creme brulee. Chocolate-eel cake.

He kissed me on the front door of the Daukrhame Embassy. Jherrel was watching, and wagging her tail a bit.

Then we went back to his room and, despite being stuffed, I offered to fulfil part 5 of our agreement again, plus this and that elsewise. I am now sitting on the corner of his bed, with my tail curled around his wrist. He's asleep. I said I'd wake him up before I go, but I don't feel like leaving just yet.

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