Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Keeping Faith with Ilottat [18 Oix 4261]

Yesterday I managed to avoid indulging myself with over two hundred Orren. Perhaps as many as three hundred. Ilottat should be happy, shouldn't he?

In case that sounds a bit evasive, here's what I did do that he might object to:

  1. I sat on Zanniajaia's shoulder in Dissection of Spells yesterday. I couldn't help it -- Prof. Gostegg was doing a demonstration of some very small space distortion spells, and I needed to be able to see. [Thanks, melskunk]

So of course Ilottat and I got into a fight about that.

Ilottat:"You should have faite de la levitation, levitated!"

Me:"Prof. Gostegg doesn't want active magic in class. It makes everything harder to see. I don't even wear feathers."

Ilottat:this objection! and that objection!

Me:"I'm not interested in Zanniajaia!"

Ilottat:"What if I were to baiser, kiss, her?"

Me:[drools helplessly]

Ilottat:"So you are, in fact, interested in her."

Me:"I'm interested in seeing you kissing anyOrren!"

Ilottat:"I do believe we agreed not to discuss this matiere, topic, any further." He looked all very superior.

When your boyfriend makes you agree not to do something, and then twists the conversation so that you're doing it, is he trying to break up or something?

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