Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Victory! [16 Oix 4261]


I got Ilottat back!

I orrenned over to his apartment, and we had a very long and squirmy-uncomfortable talk, and I made a few promises, and ...

We're back together!

And yes, makeup sex is quite yummy.

The Promises

  1. I won't use words like "traff" or "transaffectionate" to or about him.
  2. I won't go to Across Saga any more.
  3. I'll do Flooosh's trick of establishing my Orren alternate identity as a publicly-acceptable mistress that Ilottat can be seen in public with.
  4. Ilottat will go out in public with me sometimes.
  5. I'll ... um ... never mind exactly what. Whenever Ilottat asks. But he won't ask when I'm too tired or too full or something.
  6. I'll stop calling myself traff so much and won't be political about it.
  7. I won't be looking for any more lovers.
  8. He'll try to be nicer to me, even when I look like a Zi Ri and we're in public.

I figure I'll go to Across Saga in Rassimel shape and that won't disturb him. After all, if my Orren identity is suitably non-traff for him to be seen in public with, my Rassimel identity will be suitably non-me to satisfy anyone.

The Pornography

He didn't mention the pornography. Or the clothes, but he might not have remembered those or maybe he thinks they just vanished. [As when a creation spell expires. -bb] I'm not sure what I should do.

What should I do with the pornography?

Have Thestra return it
Give it to him myself
Burn it
Keep it
Distribute it at Across Saga
Give bits of it to other Orren I fancy.
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