Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,


1. where was your cat born? Connecticut.
2. what's your favorite grassland? American Great Plains
3. last time you swam in a pool? 2001, on a grey and
dismal day

4. have you ever been in a basketball? Not in the ball itself.
5. how many squeaky pot roasts do you want? None,
thanks very much.

6. type of igloo you dislike most? Deliquescent, and
made of polluted radioactive poisoned snow, I suppose.

7. are you registered to rotate? I do it illegally.
8. do you have antennae? On my car, but not on my head.
9. would you stop the Wicked Witch of the West from bungee
jumping or sky diving? No: they are fairly safe,
even for villains.

10. furthest place you ever mapped: My back yard.
11. do you have a profitable diary? It is non-profit.
12. what's your favorite stoat? If I'm not near the
weasel I love, I love the weasel I'm near.

13. best computer you've seen in the past month? Not
sure -- computers don't really excite me that much anymore.

14. favorite pizza topping? Thai chicken and basil.
15. chips or whips? Chips. No question. Chips.
16. who was the last libertine you went out to dinner with and
where did you dine? Perhaps someone at Anthrocon,
at the pizza place near the Anthrocon hotel. There were
a dozen furries in that dinner group -- I'm sure one of
them was a libertine.

17. favorite type bar? Gold
18. have you ever won atrophy? I would not describe it
as "winning" atrophy.

19. are you a reclusive cook? Yes, I suppose so.
20. have you ever had to wear a houseplant to work? Yes.
21. last thing you fled at a pharmacy? The pitiful
section of soluble fiber supplements.

22. ever grow up in public? No, nor yet in private.
23. would you prefer being a cobra or find a great albino
ape? Hard one, but I think the ape.
24. can the wise be friends? Wisdom and friendship are
not incompatible.

25. who was the last person you visited in a blue-and-green
speckled automobile? I do not pay close attention
to car colors.

26. what message is on your bumper? "Blessed Be"
27. favorite thing to do before an audience? Flee.
28. what is one thing you are prepared for today?
Surprise code inspections.

29. if you were to dye tomorrow, what color would you dye
it? blue-green. Not speckled.
30. who is the one person that you could stand spending a straight 24 hours with and not get the slightest bit
jiggy with? I am rarely jiggy with anyone but Beetiger.
31. what would be the last thing you would do first if you woke up
one morning and you were the opposite sex? Um
... launch into a full-voiced choral rendition of
"Orpheus and Eurydice".

32. what is your dream octopus? Large. I hope it stays

33. if you could be in any stained-glass window as the lead
role what window would it be? A window in a Pagan
chapel, three centuries from now. South window!

34. what three heresies would you want if you were stuck on a deserted island?
um ... I don't know that I can *name* three

35. what would you do if you ruled the Guinness Book of
World Records? Establish categories for worthwhile
activities (e.g., social activism topics); remove all
the sports categories.

36. if you were a superintendant, who would you be?
Superintendant of schools in a big city.

37. what do you secretly love lashing? my tail
38. what do you secretly love licking? Shush. Just shush.
39. you're secretly allowed one super-sized meal, what would it be?
40. if you could hide one food in the Oval Office, what would it be?
A whole roast camel.
41. what's the loveliest thing you secretly consider cheesy?
Wrapping paper.

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