Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Oorah Thrassen Strikes Back [3 Oix 4261]

Oorah Thrassen took their revenge this morning. A vast, huge, immense, towering juggernaut strode remorselessly and relentlessly towards the main gate of Vheshrame, hopping over the trees that tried to get in its way. Various of Vheshrame's forces tried to assault it, with arrows and fire spells and ballistas. Their attacks did no good, no good at all...

Because it was a vast, huge, immense, towering, juggernautical illusion. No substance to it. Just light, and sound, and smell.

Oh, and it looked just like the Duke. Well, just like a caricature of the Duke, anyways.

In any case, the juggernaut strode to the main gate of the city, flipped up its kilt, and performed two activities that are commonly performed in private, and another one that is probably most often done in private but may reasonably be done in the presence of, or by, a lover. The former were exceedingly pungent. The latter was, to all appearances, extremely successful.

Then it got up and trotted around to the next gate, and repeated the performance.

It's on its fifth lap around the city now. Yes, I did have to fly out to the gate to look at it -- along with about three-quarters of the rest of the city.

There was a good deal of laughing. Half a dozen Orren stripped off their clothes and danced a traditional Thanish triafrella directly in the path of the illusion-duke's privates. I am not sure which was more disturbing, watching them dancing under such a copious and infamous spray, or watching them not switch to water-form.

(I'm pretty sure that they would switch to water-form under such a spray. I know that wine and blood cause them to change.)

There was some speculation that the Duke would somehow forbid people to see it. I didn't know how that would work out.

Milirant got all worried and jumped on a stump and started shouting that the Duke had declared that everyone who came out to see the illusion would be executed. People started to get scared, and the dancers kind of ran away. Then the Duke snuck up behind him and poked him in the back with a fingertip. Milirant fled a whole lot. The Duke stood on the stump and peered at the illusion. "I am not displeased that Oorah Thrassen sees fit to acknowledge my amatory prowess. I rather wish they hadn't mentioned the other prowesses, though."

He sent Lord Parantharam to collect me. "Sythyry? Can your pet nendrai get rid of this bit of scatological humor?"

Me:"I don't know, Your Grace." I did not add, "She's your pet", as I had sort of intended to. He was in a remarkably good humor for a duke under such a parody, but I did not know if even a small further insult would change that matter.

The Duke:"Perhaps you could find out? Sooner rather than later?"

Me:"In two hours, Vaisessasilmin and I shall meet to trade ... rrai! I had better get her the books!" In an act of brilliant, peerless diplomacy, I made it obvious to the Duke that I was too scatterbrained to actually do the main part of my job. Also I sounded like a Sleeth about it, with that rrai!. I'm sure that one of the half-dozen Sleeth on the Day Of Many Sleeth had rubbed off on me.

The Duke:"Right, then. See that you do. Also, if you don't mind, please come to the palace at an hour before sunout tonight." He turned and strode back to the city.

Oh, dearie.

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