Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Surprised [1 Oix 4261]

Oix is hot this year, for which I am eternally grateful. Well, grateful for the next twenty-seven days, at least. I probably won't care for most of eternity...

But today! Outdoors is invigorating, like stepping into a puddle of burning brandy. I flew back from Enchantment class in half the time it usually takes.

But that's not all ... the breakfast box project is done! I get to be a regular Sythyry now, not just a spare claw for the Duke!

And of course all the Orren in town are wearing a lot less than they were yesterday.

The Reaction from Oorah Thrassen

Well, I should start a scrapbook or something. Here's from the Howling Horn of Hressh-Huu:

Breakfast Barrage! The Duke of Vheshrame has ordered his pet nendrai to provide delicious pastry boxes from the Academy Bakery to everyone in Oorah Thrassen. Which she did promptly and obediently, with just one spell. The wild Gormoror and wicked wizards were treated to slices of devastatingly fine cake and fearsome biscuits. We trust this will show them who is who -- even the greatest of their wizards couldn't manage that as a spontaneous spell. The Howling Horn trusts that the wormlike wizards will wage war upon us no more!
  1. I'm glad Vae is the Duke's pet and not mine.
  2. It wasn't everyone in Oorah Thrassen, just the people outside of the city walls.
  3. It was actually two spells, or dozens and dozens, depending on how you count.
  4. They haven't waged war on us. We've waged war on them.

Which means it's a pretty accurate broadsheet article, as these things go.

Also, it doesn't mention me, for which I am quite glad.

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