Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Last Day, part 2 [26 Chirreb 4261]

I thought I was done with the all the Sleeth yesterday. (I admit that I left out the fifteen of the errands that didn't have Sleeth in them. It was a lot of Sleeth for one day, but it wasn't really all Sleeth.)

However, it seems that the Duke has graced me with another Sleeth. Perhaps he heard about my plans to embezzle from him.

This one is Khyrrain. She's dangerous. Her partner in crime-prevention is an Orren named Ptefshi, which sounds almost like it's the Nice Language word for "timetable", but when I gargled some Nice Language at him he didn't understand it. He's a detective, I suppose.

Khyrrain:"Seeks-Theraputic-Cheese sends her greetings to you."

Me:"Well, if the Duke is keeping tabs on me, why didn't he send Seeksie?"

Khyrrain:"Secret motives. Insidious ones. Heinous ones, even."

Ptefshi:"We are to make the acquaintance of Vaisessasilmin."

Khyrrain:"It is City Guard policy to friendly at her with everyone, when possible."

Ptefshi:"And we drew the short straw."

Me:"I'll say."

Khyrrain:"Not so short as the straw you draw, blue lizard! Eyes for the Small is needed to see that straw!"

Floosh:"Well, if you're going to be here, you might as well be useful."

Ptefshi:"I have little experience in gourmet cooking."

Floosh:"Then you shall put slices of this cake, which Diffitt has cut, onto doilies, and then into boxes." She demonstrated.

Ptefshi:"This should be within my capabilities, for the moment. When the nendrai shows up I do not wish to have my attention diverted."

Floosh:"Well, I daresay the report you write about why the project failed will explain your role in the failure."

Khyrrain:"What task do you set me, O dread pastry-chef?"

Floosh:"See who in the room is slacking off, and let me know."

Khyrrain:"Well enough!" She levitated to the center of the room.

Khyrrain:"Someone, indeed, is slacking off."

Floosh:"Who is? Who dares, on a day like this?"


There was extensive snortage.

Sythyry:"I'm here to wrangle the nendrai. When she shows up."

There was extensive scowlage. Vae may have inspired the largest order that the bakery and Threeze ever got, but she is not well loved.

The knife in Tandaweather's hnad:"It's two hours I've been here!"

Tandaweather:An extensive and heart-felt assortment of yelping and alarmedness.

Khyrrain:"I say zie is slacking, and behold! Zie is indeed slacking."

Vae:"Oh, Tandaweather, there's such a sorrow on me for startling you."

Tandaweather:"Aieee! She knows my name."

Vae:Transforms back. Bloody tears get all over the place. I drag her outside and spend most of an hour calming her down, and explaining repeatedly why that was so alarming to poor Tandaweather.

If I were embezzling something, I would certainly be earning it. As ambassadors go, I'm mostly a nursemaid.

[Part of a Katrina cameo for mufi and aprivatefox. Thanks to both of you!]

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