Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Last Day, part 1. [26 Chirreb 4261]

I got woken up from a very nice hopeful dream involving Diffitt and Ilottat smooching by someone prodding me with a poker. The someone turned out to be Allu, who looked a bit peeved. Probably because she had had to get up even earlier than I did. Technically, it wasn't the last day yet, since it was still some long while before dawn. I think I got three hours of sleep. It'd've been four hours if I hadn't been so hopeful about Diffitt.

Which reminds me -- tomorrow I must figure out what, if anything, to tell Ilottat about Diffitt.

Breakfast was broken bits of highly fancy breakfast box pastries. Gorth-Thull the Bloody (who used to be named Poolie, and I do not know where that 'the Bloody' came from) had burnt a whole tray of seedcakes last night, so most of us were eating them.

Diffitt was avoiding me. He looked away from me when I flew into the room.

Flooooosh was not avoiding me. She scolded me briefly but painfully about groping her (admittedly adult, admittedly not entirely unwilling) ~son~, who was not really in a position to say "no" to me, because I'm paying for hiring their whole village.

Well, the duke is, and I'm not even getting any of the money myself....

(... which means that I should probably have been embezzling a bit of it. Isn't that how things are done in Vheshrame? I'm obviously very new at this game. I daresay the Duke will twit me severely about not embezzling anything.)

Well, I'm obviously low on sleep. What I was trying to write was, "And the Duke wasn't feeling up Diffitt."

And now I need to figure out how to apologize to Floosh, apologize to Diffitt, and explain it to Ilottat.

Well, after we send the pastries to Oorah Thrassen.

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