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Sythyry Does Threeze [25 Chirreb 4261]

Vae teleported me to Threeze to sleep, and herself back home.

Diffitt (the oldest child of two of Floosh's spouses, I forget which two, which makes him a bit older than me) was glad to take a break from baking to get me some dinner and show me to my room. Which wasn't the guest bedroom I had had last time, those are full and stuffed with temporary pastrymaking assistants. It was a couch in an attic.

He was glad to sit with me and share some pickled herring and horseradish cheese.

He invited me to sit on his shoulder. Hmm, in retrospect, he had invited me to sit there when we were in the kitchen, and I sort of never left it.

He kissed back.

I know my way around an Orren man a whole lot better than I did the last time I was in Threeze.

OOC -- So many of you have been asking me to write a sex scene for Sythyry. So here it is. *blush*

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