Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sythyry's Delivery Service, part 5 [24 Chirreb 4261]

The Doilies from the Skull Fortress

Well, it's probably more accurately named "Reluu's Skullcap", and it's the village around the fortress, not the fortress itself. It was built at the same time as Fort Anastrense, though it's only a quarter the power, and not nearly as extreme.

There's a papermill of sorts next to it, called Lirleni's Claws On Paper. Or a paper-carvery, or whatever it's called.

Me:"We're here to pick up the doilies."

Cute Orren Secretary:"Lirleni will be here shortly."

Vae:"Is that a Rassimel name?"

Me:"I don't know -- it's not a common one."

Cute Orren Secretary:"Lirleni is a Sleeth."

Me:"I should have expected that, the way the day's been going."

Vae:"How does a Sleeth make paper?"

Cute Orren Secretary:"A carving talisman, the same way that the other two crafters do."

Lirleni:"Mishiru, you give away all the trade secrets!" He was a big blue-black Sleeth, and grinning.

Cute Orren Secretary:"Ah, you don't pay enough. Double my salary and I won't give them away unless people pay enough. Triple it and I won't even do that much."

Lirleni:"If I quadruple it, are you polite and respectful?"

Cute Orren Secretary:"Some things are beyond price."

Me:"Could we have some doilies?"

Lirleni:"Certainly." He brought out a catalog, printed rather oddly on parchment rather than paper so that he could levitate it around.

Me:"We've already paid for them."

Lirleni:"You have? How can this be?"

Me:"We're picking them up for Floosh. And the Duke."

Lirleni:"Floosh ... of Academy Bakery?"

Me:"The very Flooooosh."

Lirleni:"Those doilies are send off yesterday. Tomorrow or the next day they will come to Threeze."

Me:"We need them sooner."

Lirleni:"The Quite Servile Transport Company is not unduly efficient, nor are they unduly receptive to changes of plan.."

And that's why I wound up breaking in to a warehouse with a Sleeth and a nendrai last night.

Fortunately, since we could prove we were both the sender and recipient of the package, they let us pay triple the sending fee and let us go.

[OOC: victhor, thank you for a Katrina contribution]
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