Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sythyry's Delivery Service, part 4 [24 Chirreb 4261]

The Flour of Darrah Fallou

Floosh:"No, it doesn't matter where the flour comes from, not much. Most towns make perfectly good flour. But I ordered it from Darrah Fallou, and only half of what I ordered came."

Vae:"Is there the other half of the flour with you, for better making of a danfon?"

Floosh:"We're only making cakes and pastries, Vae."

Me:"What she said is, 'If you have anything from Darrah Fallou, it would be convenient so I can use it as an arcane connection.'"

Floosh pretended to extract an entire wax candle from her left ear. "I must have forgotten to clean them for the last few decades. I couldn't hear most of those words."

Vae started crying jagged bloody glass, which distressed Floosh. We comforted the monster for a bit, got our connections, and then Vae and I teleported off to the woods a short ways outside of Darrah Fallou. With a cart (ex-mouse) and horse (ex-basket).

The Sleeth snarled at us.

Sleeth:"That is a deer escaping into the woods!"

Me:"Good gods, man! We must flee! I had mistaken it for a mere nendrai!"

Vae:"The what?"

Me:"I don't know. The Sleeth is complaining about something."

Sleeth:"I complain that you make my dinner escape! And the dinner of my three kittens!"

Me:"I'm dreadfully sorry, but this is a public forest, and that makes it suitable for teleporting in."

Sleeth:"Also starving in!"

Vae:"Oh, no... we can't let him starve, Sythyry."

Me:"Why not? It's not like we're running low on Sleeth or anything."

Vae:"... Sythyry? ..."

Me:"Look, Vae, he's not going to starve. This wasn't the only deer in the forest, and there are plenty of other animals. And we're ten minutes' walk from Darrah Fallou, where there's plenty of food."

Sleeth:"True. But already I am hungry for the deer you evict!"

Vae:"There's such a sorrow on me, O Sleeth!"


Vae:"I beg your pardon?"

Sleeth:"Kensaro is my name."

Vae:"I'm Vaisessasilmin. This is Sythyry."

Me:"She's the best secret agent in all of Ketheria."

Sleeth:"She is the nendrai who owes me a deer!"

Vae:"That I am, truly."

She did something utterly ridiculous with Locador and Tempador and Herbador, and produced him his deer, already skewered through with seven spears.

Vae:"Here is your deer!"

Sleeth:"But, the deer!"

Vae:"This is the deer!"

Sleeth:"It is dead!"

Sythyry:"How strange, for a deer to lose a battle to a mere nendrai!"

Vae:"What is it that I should have done?"

Me:"You should have gone on with our errand and made the Sleeth hunt another ninth of an hour."

Sleeth:"You should bring the deer back for me to chase and kill!"

Vae:"Oh, you wanted to play with it!"

Sleeth:"Just so!"

And the two of them sat down and ripped up bits of deer and discussed hunting and torture for a good third of an hour before I could pry her away and go back to our duties.

[OOC -- Thanks to kensaro for a Katrina donation!]
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