Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sythyry's Delivery Service, part 2 [24 Chirreb 4261]

The Toasted Almonds of Cousse-de-la-Thrunge

After scooting many many eggs back to Threeze, we were then sent to Cousse-de-la-Thrunge. Cousse-de-la-Thrunge is off in Ulmarn, more or less where Yarwain comes from, and it would be the farthest I had been for home, if I could forget Bfelmykh. Naturally, the best toasted almonds on Choinxeia come from Ulmarn. The best of everything on the branch comes from Ulmarn. According to the Ulmarnese, and to Thery. I daresay Levande has a different opinion.

I must remember to see how the three ... um, four ... of them are doing. After I assault one of the most doomsomely sorcerous cities on the branch with dessert, of course.

Vae:"It's no horse that I'll be this time, Sythyry."

Me:"Why not?"

Vae:"It's embarrassing, like, and thrice embarrassing when someSleeth finds me out."

The conversation that I, finally, know enough not to have goes something like this: Me: "Well, someone needs to carry the almonds home, and I'm tiny.". Vae: "Not anymore!" Me: (insert The Conversation here).

Me:"Well, you can't look like a nendrai when we go visiting villages, Vae, and you can't imitate a prime well enough to put people at peace."

Vae:"No, that I can't. It's some noble beast I shall look like."

Me:"How about a blossomary? You can't get much more noble than a blossomary." I mean that literally -- Vae, herself, can't get much more noble than a blossomary. Blossomaries are not very noble, of course.

So we popped over to Vheshrame, and Vae waited outside while I got Sprillet for Vae to investigate. Two-thirds of an hour later, we were ready to go to our errands.


Cousse-de-la-Thrunge looks like your basic Rassimel village, except that it smells very strongly of roasted almonds.

Me:"Hallo! I am Sythyry! "

Random Cousse-de-la-Thrungian, or, perhaps, Coussian-de-la-Thrunge:"Hallo! I am Marthonwy!" Marthonwy was a green-furred Sleeth [representing nekomavin!], and she was not the person I had intended to talk to. I had been intending to catch the attention of the cute chubby Orren girl at the next table of the quaint rustic outdoor cafe in the central square of Coussian-de-la-Thrunge.

Me:"I have come to pick up a huge order of roasted almonds for the duke of Vheshrame!"

Marthonwy"You look supremely well equipped to carry a huge order of roasted almonds to Vheshrame."She continued lapping kathia at her friends, who were both Orren, and who were both smirking.

Me:"I, um, have mighty magic. Available to me."

Marthonwy:"But of course. For this reason you are hauling roasted almonds."

Me:"Yes, in fact."

Marthonwy:"Excellent! Then by all means, O Zi Ri, you may now collect your almonds in your mighty magic."

Me:"How shall I go about this?"

Marthonwy"Go to the almond factory, which is yonder."

Me:"By what portents shall I recognize the almond factory?"

Marthonwy:"By the big sign reading 'Almond Works of Cousse-de-la-Thrunge' that is found over the front door."

Me:"I cannot see such a sign."

Vae:"It's on the opposite side."

Marthonwy:"Your blossomary is as wise as she is talkative."

Me:"My blossomary should keep her mouth shut."

Vae:"In glad!" She said this by means of transforming a breeze to the sound of her nendrai voice. This at least distracted her enough to say it in the Nice Language, so nobody but she and I on the whole branch could understand it. I'm sure she did it by mistake. She's not that cagy when she's doing things on purpose.

(No, I'm not either.)

Marthonwy:"Your blossomary is exceedingly good at Mutoc Airador Illusidor."

Me:"My blossomary would be better off as a Herethroy horse."

Marthonwy's friend:"Or perhaps a wudgeon? Marthonwy can arrange that quite cheaply."

Vae:"There is no wudgeon that I shall be!"

Me:"Vae, please be quiet."

Marthonwy:"Ah, you are the spare Vheshrame Zi Ri, and that is the Vheshrame nendrai."

Almost everyone else:"We scream! We run away!"Which they did jauntily, and with considerable leisure. Very few of them actually escaped.

Marthonwy:"Your almonds surely await you, m'lord."

I took the hint, and the nendrai, and -- unlike most of the inhabitants of Cousse-de-la-Thrunge -- we escaped. The inhabitants, still jauntily sipping kathia, were discussing their best escape routes from the monster.

We collected the almonds and rather angrily teleported them back to Threeze.

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