Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Sythyry's Delivery Service, part 1 [24 Chirreb 4261]

It has been Requested that we deliver the pastries to Oorah Thrassen before the first of Oix, on the grounds that Oix is enough of a surprise on its own. This leaves three days.

It would have been much, much more convenient to know this, oh, three days ago. Or longer.

Me:"Can you do it, Flooosh?"

Floosh:"Sure! I'll just need..." and then she listed eighty-four things that had to happen before the boxes were ready.

Which is to say, I am skipping all my classes starting now, and intentionally losing a week's work in Enchantment for the second time. And not for as good a reason as an enthusiastic new boyfriend, this time. (Well, some people might declare that the Duke's express command -- and being the manager of a taunt-war against Oorah Thrassen -- is a better reason than a fresh new boyfriend. I shall only listen to such discussions from people who have experienced both.)

So I went and collected a nendrai to help me out.

Me:"Get up, lazy lizard. We've got work to do."

Vae:"Why lazy am I? Also why up? I am standing ... levitation or flight is required now?"

Me:"Oh, I suppose I owe you an apology. It's a line from The Troublers of Tulterry."

Vae:"Is that a book I should read? Can you bring it next time?"

I diplomacied at her a good deal. It's a play, and I rather doubt she'll be getting to a good theatre any time soon.

The Eggs of Dren Mafferhame

Our first stop was, of course, at Dren Mafferhame to pick up some eggs. "Some" being 1728. Vae turned into a heavy horse, and we set off on the five-hour-long four-nendrai-teleport-long road from Threeze to Dren Mafferhame.

(Four teleports? Yes! These four: (1) Teleporting to Urnecosun by means of an arcane connection that Riverred was sure lead to Dren Mafferhame; (2) teleporting back to Threeze; (3) teleporting two miles in the air over where we thought Dren Mafferhame was; (4) teleporting down to the outskirts of the actual village of Dren Mafferhame.)

Me:"Hi! We're here to pick up the eggs we ordered."

Assorted Herethroy townsfolk:Alarm! Distress! Discomfort!

The Sleeth:"The polite way to bring a nendrai into a defended village is to bring her to the edge and perform some distinctive but inoffensive announcement."

Me:Aieee! Surprise Sleeth! Surprise lecturing Sleeth! Surprise multicolor Sleeth!

Which was pretty accurate. "Aieee!" is self-explanatory. "Surprise" was because the Sleeth had, I think, been veiled or invisible or something when we got there ... um ... actually the Eye of Mirizan and Melizan says no spells. He was just hiding. "Lecturing" is self-explanatory.

"Multicolor" ... well, this Sleeth had a truly impressive fur dye job. He was green in front -- lots of Sleeth are green, but it's usually a dark green, like shadows on leaves. This one was bright and stripy, like grass at noontime. With purple flowers dyed on, and a couple of butterflies. And he was blue in back -- lots of Sleeth are blue, but usually it's a midnight blue. This one was bright sky blue, with clouds, and with Mircannis as a nine-ringed silvergreen moon on one flank.

Me:"Oh, the very sorry." I apologized a bunch, and vaguely make it clear that the Duke had ordered the whole silly thing.

Sleeth:"The Duke personally orders 1728 eggs from Dren Mafferhame? Rrai, I think he uses the pseudonym of Riverred!"

If I wanted to be the linguistic swat-toy for a Sleeth, I wouldn't be skipping Enchantment. I apologized a whole lot more.

Sleeth:"The next time you bring the very overpowered pack animal to get eggs, you must be more careful."

Me:"How, more careful?"

Sleeth:"She is the heavy horse, but she has six legs."

Vae:"Heavy horses don't have six legs?"

Sleeth:"Herethroy horses have six legs. Heavy horses have four legs."

Vae:"Sythyry! Important disguise mistake facts must be told to me very quickly!"

Me:"How'm I supposed to know how many legs a horse has? I can't ride them!"

We got the eggs. We paid abundantly in amber, and even more abundantly in embarassment.

(OOC - Nameless but multicolored Sleeth thanks to mattlazycat, for a Katrina relief contribution!)

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