Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Research on the Daukhrame Embassy[23 Chirreb 4261]

Jherrel and Crander

I asked around a bit. Jherrel and Crander are minor bureaucrats in the embassy.

Me:"Who would they be loyal to?"

Anoof:"Well ... Daukhrame ... their family ... their friends ... the Choinxeian League ... primes ... all sorts of people and groups."

There's a good reason I've never been interested in Cani, no matter how traff I am.

Me:"Where would Ilottat come on the list?"

Anoof:"Medium-to-lowish, I suppose."

Me:"Could some other loyalty or personal interest be driving them to make Ilottat miserable?"

Anoof:"They wouldn't betray him or sell him out. That's un-Cani-like."

Me:"So they think they're doing something good for him?"

Anoof:"Well. Um. Or neutral (but good for someone else). Or maybe-good. Or probably devastating but that's his only chance of happiness. Or like that."

Me:"Who could benefit from it?"

Anoof:"Him? I suppose"

Me:"Anyone else?"

Anoof:"I don't know. Possibly a rival of some kind, but I don't know that he particularly has one ... or knows about it."

Me:"Who do you think it might be, who wants us to break up?"

Anoof:"I don't think they were lying or any such thing."

Me:"Should I be furious or despairsome?"

Anoof:"Despairing, I suppose."

Me:"I shall keep that in mind."

I don't agree with him.


Me:"Dearest? Why didn't you mention to me that your embassy was trying to get you to stop being traff?"

Ilottat:"Weil, I'm not traff."

Me:"I'm not an Orren. You won't even let me kiss you in Orren shape. But I think you're attracted to me."

Ilottat:"You, einzigartig, are the exception."

Me:"Well, this is what happened." So I told him.

Ilottat:"They had erwähnt, mentioned the matter to me once or twice."

Me:"Why didn't you tell me?"

Ilottat:"I didn't want you to souci, to worry."

Me:"I am not worrying. I am debating violent revenge."

Ilottat:"I should be most unglücklich if you did any such thing. Especially if your little pet lizard were involved."

Me:"Well, your little pet lizard is involved."

Ilottat:"My little pet lizard would be better off keeping zir head to the Mundgeschlecht and leaving the diplomacy to me.

I had no immediate answer for that. Indeed, I may have looked a bit shocked.

Ilottat:"... enchantment and Mundgeschlecht, of course." He did his best not to smirk.

At which point I decided it was a joke, and that there was only one fitting answer. The conversation never did really recover. But if I'm breaking up with him, I'm not doing a good job of it.

Stopping Being Traff?

It's a minor literary trope for someone with an improper taste in lovers to be cured of it by means of:

  1. A truly wonderful and entirely proper lover. I'm afraid Ysgwyd doesn't quite qualify.
  2. A pat on the head from Mircannis. Not currently available.
  3. A truly horrible improper lover. That would be me.

I don't know how well this works in reality, though. Maybe it only works on the Water-Tree or something.

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