Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Orren Overload On the Side[22 Chirreb 4261]


Well, hardly an overload. Ilottat did deign to sit next to me in Appreciation of Chairs, which is only polite considering where my head was for a good two-thirds of an hour last night. At his request, I might add. If he's going to ask for that too often, I shall have to invest some of my ~mother~'s amber in some sort of endurance spell.

I'm being quite fickle and Sleethy about this, aren't I? If he ignores me for a few days, I whine and hiss about how he's ignoring me. If he demands a great deal of my time and attention for a few days, I whine and hiss about how he's asking too much of me. The poor ... no, wealthy ... swimmie simply can't win.

And he's doing what I ask, too. He did sit next to me in Chairs today, and he didn't even pretend he didn't know who I was or anything.

What do I want? Sizzling sultry glances and quick flashes of his personal region in the middle of class? A fierce kiss as soon as we're out the door? Sitting there with our tails curled up together? Cisaffectionate couples don't do that -- why should I think we ought to?

I'm pretty sure, if I must be honest, that he's being reasonable and I'm being horrid.


And Zanniajaia conveniently sat next to me in Dissection of Spells, while Prof. Gostegg brought in hard-boiled eggs created by (1) himself, the ordinary way, (2) himself, feather-casting, (3) his wife, spontaneously cast, (4) a grocer, spontaneously cast, and (5) a magic item, all five at the same Power. He had us try to figure out which was which. Five students, five eggs, was the plan. I actually figured out two and two-halves of them. I've been looking at spontaneous magic a lot lately, so I figured out which two were (3) and (4), and I've seen a lot of cleyless magic lately, so I got (2), and I had more or less just come from Enchantment, and I got (5) as well.

(How? Well, (2) was sort of thin, rather like soup when you've had an extra guest or two at the last minute. This was pretty obvious. (3) and (4), the spontaneous ones, had more asymmetrical magic about them. Nobody was too impressed at this. (5) looked a bit stamped-out from one side, like butter from a mold. This got appreciative nods, since all five of us were puzzling over it for a third of an hour.)

Zanniajaia figured out which was (3) and which was (4) -- (4) had a sort of shadow of divinity about it, rather the way that putting a few drops of really good brandy in kathia is a bit more supreme than putting a few drops of simply adequate brandy in kathia. So (4) must have come from someone a bit closer to one of the gods than (3), which she guessed was a Herethroy. (And, O monsters, you must know that Herethroy are closer to Virid, their creator goddess and the goddess of creation, than anyone else.)

Zanniajaia:"And if he'd only said 'lover' we wouldn't know, but he said 'wife', and he can't be married to a Herethroy.."

Which sounds distinctly friendly to traffitude to me, or at least aware of it. Is she...?

Gostegg:"I am most certainly not married to a Herethroy. I have checked, in depth, and at length, and, especially in my younger days, for an interval which would astound anyone here."

He is, I gather, (1) not notably traff himself; (2) not notably friendly to traff; (3) able to stun five students into embarrassed silence quite easily.

He said he'd tell us how he got all five at the same Power sometime later. That is a mystery to me.

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