Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Piffish Noodles [17 Chirreb 4261]

The Arrival of the Noodles

The wrong Orren showed up this morning. The right Orren would, of course, be my boyfriend, but he has been a bit scarce lately. The wrong one is the one I'm having a sort of whiny little fight with. Real-Eel brought the piffish noodles over this morning.

Me:"I don't see Vae 'til tomorrow. Every third day, the ones divisible by three. The ones that we have class on."

Real-Eel:"Oh ... I should go to class, shouldn't I?"

Me:"I suppose you should. Otherwise, well, what's the point in going to Vheshrame Academy?"

This is absurd. The point of going to Vheshrame Academy is to sleep with enough royalty and nobility to get a lifetime of sinecures. Or, if you are yourself royalty or nobility, to get so thoroughly laid that you lose all interest in the topic for the rest of your life and can marry whatever neutered-or-just-as-good Khtsoyis-faced heiress your parents have chosen for you without feeling the least bit like you're missing anything. Fortunately, Real-Eel had forgotten this for the moment.

Real-Eel:"Oh, right!" She started dashing off towards Sprowlween Hall.

I instantly forgave her, of course; Orren in Wild Rush are so cute. If I had been in Orren form I would probably have done something to fight about with my boyfriend later at her. (Actually, I should ask around to hear her opinion of Orren girls. Being involved in Orren-to-Orren playing is currently tickling my lonely night thoughts, and of course my boyfriend, Mr. I'm-Really-Cisaffectionate, won't cooperate.)

(Aside: I am not nearly as desparate as this journal entry is coming out sounding. Rather the opposite, actually: I sort of want to have a quick thunderstorm fight with my boyfriend and then get back to normal with him.)

Anyways, I persuaded Real-Eel that it wasn't nearly time for class -- indeed, that it wasn't even today yet, but only still yesterday. (By the time it is today I had better be in Enchantment Class.)

She duly delivered the noodles to me. Since it wasn't today yet, I spent the cley to keep them fresh 'til it is, in fact, tomorrow.

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