Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Tower of Pastry [16 Chirreb 4261]

The Duke, personally, will pay for all the pastry. He seems quite thoroughly enamoured by the chance to count coup against Oorah Thrassen. He also likes the Academy Bakery, to the extent that he -- the most powerful prime in Inner Choinxeia -- has their deluxe pastry boxes for breakfast at least once a month. (Not from Floosh's branch usually, from the branch near the palace.)

No, I didn't talk to the Duke in person. I talked to Kaim-Su, and to Hezimikkinen, and to Lord Tumblawn. In case the fame of Lord Tumblawn hasn't spread to other universes yet, she is in charge of the Duke's personal wealths. (Yes, plural. I imagine he has several wealths.) I certainly didn't know who she was before Hezimikkinen told me. She's the one who mentioned about the breakfast boxes, too, though I daresay it they weren't a major item in her budget. Until now, at least.

Which is to say, I've got ten thousand lozens to give to Floosh.

This is more money than I've ever had in my paws before. Strictly, I don't have it in my paws. I have it in a fairly imposing wooden box, with a locking spell and a locating spell and a levitating spell on it. I was vaguely wondering if they'd give me an actual enchanted box for it, but it's not quite enough money for that.

(Actually, when I get going with professional enchantment, I'll be charging ten thousand lozens for a few weeks' work. It's a lot of money, but it's not a lot of money. I guess that a guild carpenter probably earns that much in a year, maybe.)

Anyways, Lord Tumblawn was going to simply hand me the money.

Me:"What's to keep me from stealing it?"

Tumblawn:"Please don't steal it."

Me:"Please? Not that I intend to steal it, but I never expected to hear anyone say that with a 'please' on the front."

Tumblawn:"That's how I mean it, though. Please don't. We'd just have to get it back from you or your family, and that will make everyone involved unhappy."

Me:"I'm more worried about someone else stealing it, truth to tell. Am I supposed to defend it with my life?"

Tumblawn:"Well, not that much."

Me:"With, oh, 10% of my life?"

Tumblawn:"I hesitate to put a precise number on it."

Which means that I got two conceptually surprising statements from a lord-high accountant. Remarkable.

But she did agree to have someone put the locking spell and the locating spell on the box. I hope that nobody is out trolling for lozens, though. I'd hate to have to decide whether to use the seven-winged burning thing seriously, after seeing how nasty it was to Bfelmykh.

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