Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Woe for Real-Eel, cont. [15 Chirreb 4261]

So, of course, I introduced Real-Eel to Vae.

Me:"Vae, this is Real-Eel, who is a friend of mine from ... from ... "


Me:"Right, Havune. Real-Eel, this exceedingly dangerous pig is Vae -- that's Vaisessasilmin, the nendrai."

Real-Eel:"How do you do?"

Vae:"It's the tailtouch, mainly, though it's clawing and biting I'll do for the little things, and for practice, like. How do you do?"

Real-Eel:"Um ... what?"

Me:"Tell her how you terrorize cities and perform horrible wickednesses on great prime heroes!"

Real-Eel:"Oh -- I do that with my cooking. My piffish noodles, especially."

Vae:"What are piffish noodles?"

Me:"What are piffish noodles?"

Real-Eel:"Round noodles, cooked with powdered fish and powdered chilis and powdered sugar and powdered biscuits and powdered cumin and powdered mushrooms and powdered spice cookies and powdered apples."

Me:"That sounds very dangerous. Why do you make it?"

Real-Eel:"The first time? Everything powdered that I had in the pantry, on noodles. It was good! Sort of! So now I make it now and again."

Vae said nothing, but looked very confused and a bit hurt.

Me:"What's wrong?"

Vae:"Just the wish on me for things I can't have."

Real-Eel:"Well, I can make you some, if you'd like."

Vae:"That'd be a kindness and a half!"


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