Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC - Bard in Rio Grande, Ohio July 17-24

OOC --

I'm going to Cymdeithas Madog's week-long Welsh camp, in Rio Grande, Ohio. If anyone is in the general area (loosely, the corner of Ohio near West Virginia and Kentucky) and wants to get together, I'd be glad to. Of course, I don't have transportation or anything, and Rio Grande isn't particularly near any notable cities.

Well, except of course that Rio Grande itself is notable! It has URG -- the University of Rio Grande. And, more calorically, it is the site of the first Bob Evans restaurant!

But I suppose I can offer a prize: anyone who visits me there gets their choice of (a) a cameo in Sythyry, or (b) no cameo in Sythyry. Considering what I'm doing to most of the characters now, (b) might be safer.

Pob hwyl!
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