Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Farewell to Thery [12 Chirreb 4261]

Sorry I haven't written for a while. Things have been busy. Mostly in predictable ways -- e.g.I gave Vae The Conversation six more times, once for transforming me into an Orren, which I can do better myself.

This morning Thery's water broke. She got a hotel room at the Pavilion of Splendor, a decent if somewhat shabby hotel a block from the main Healers' Guild, and many of us gathered to bring several days' supplies to her -- her clothes, some food, some babywine, a novel or two on the mistaken impression that she'll have time for them.

While Yarwain was trying to track Chrentothany down, Thery grabbed me by the tail and towed me into the bathroom.

Thery:"Sythyry. I'm going to die today."

I tried to say something or other comforting and vaguely dismissive. She thwacked me into a pile of towels.

Thery:"Stop that. I'm going to die today and I don't have time to waste on that nonsense."


Thery:"And you're going to do something for me."


Thery:"Seven and twelve thousand years from now, when people ask you about the olden days, you will tell them about me."

Me:"Um ... OK ... do you want to be emblematic of our age, or a colorful local figure, or ...?"

Thery:"Stop being a smartass. Tell them about me. Who I loved, who I betrayed, what I gambled, and why. Make it so they know me."

I promised her, as best I could. One doesn't say 'no' under these circumstances, does one? (Though I couldn't help wondering how I would manage after eighty-four of my friends made the same request. "Tell me about the ancient times, great-grandparent!", my progeny will say, and I will reply, "I will now give you a huge stack of detailed biographies of people who are otherwise wholly forgotten."

Then Yarwain returned with Chrentothany.

Chrentothany:"I would have preferred another four weeks before this happened, or even just a month. I would distinctly have preferred it under circumstances in which Alivistiver's Delivery Ritual were helpful. Still, we shall make the best of it."

Nobody seemed particularly encouraged. He started doing this and that medically, and evicted everyone but Yarwain and Iska from the room.

I had to leave soon in any case -- Vae was expecting me, curse her. She asked me why I was so distracted and snappish. I told her. She offered her services. Fortunately Thery's outside of her range, being inside Vheshrame's walls. Thery's home-grown dangers will have to suffice for her current dooms.

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