Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Adultery Porridge [2 Chirreb 4261]

It was a glorious day, even if the administrative part of it was frustrating. Ilottat and I were walking all over campus in the delightful weather of a fine early first-autumn day, holding hands or having me ride his shoulder as appropriate to my current shape. Then we had a nice and extremely large dinner at Candledance, and wandered back to the embassy intending an evening of me borrowing another Orren outfit or two, in his most feminine cuts. Or maybe from one of his neighbors.

Here's what was lurking there:

Hi there, Sythers. Ysgwyd here -- you remember me, the wife of the guy you're screwing. I don't know where to reach you by the usual way, but I figured my husband would know where to reach you. Where to reach you to get it to count ... well, actually, I don't really know that much about Zi Ri, does he stick his pointy in you somewhere? Where the dashitzie does it even fit? You're so little! I really ought to check his dirty book collection sometime and find out. Next time I'm in town, if my own bit-on-the-side is too busy some afternoon. [The original was rather more explicit. -bb]

She rambled on for another two or three paragraphs in an incoherent hash of inappropriate familiarity, cheery vulgarity and barbed little reminders that (1) she's Ilottat's actual wife, and (2) she's just as traff and adulterous as he is, just more honest about it.

Ilottat got a letter about twice as long and four times as disgusting, including a detailed account of her copulations with a pair of married Cani men who wanted a female but didn't feel right about collecting a Cani they weren't married to. "I know you really don't like mammals that much, but you ought to try getting two Cani pointies stuffed in you at once. They're so enthusiastic! Not like you! I don't need Zi Ri pornography to get them going! And they're not even traff -- and not like you're not traff, I mean they said they'd never had an Orren before."

This didn't really make for the start of a good evening. I can't really figure out how to say what the fight was about. I guess it wasn't about what it was about. It was about how we're both unsettled by Ysgwyd's letters, and how we're expecting the other one to cheer us up instead of realizing that we needed to cheer the other one up. It's obvious looking at it from afterwards. It wasn't at the time.

We didn't exactly make up either. I mean, we comforted each other a bit, and apologized a bit, and I flew home. Without borrowing clothes. Still a bit hurt.

(She writes him this sort of letter a few times a year. This is the first one she's written me, of course.)

And tomorrow I go to see Vae again and have The Conversation a few more times and hopefully get this umbrella spell taken off. And to cast some random spells to exercise those Nouns and Verbs.

I'd really like to just write "Classes, dinner with my boyfriend, studying, bed with my boyfriend -- another boring day."

I don't have a boyfriend, though. I'm borrowing a boyfriend. That stings, a lot.

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