Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Examination in Formal Enchantment [22 Lage 4261]

That didn't go terribly well.

"You are to enchant a device which protects the memories of the wearer from modification. It must be unobtrusive. What physical object is best for this? Why?"

Gah. Birkozon loves mind control, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't like this enchantment much, so it ought to be in his preferred shape, like a helmet. That's a nice protective shape. So Hren Tzen gets the substance ... um ... a porcelain helmet? What good is that? And how unobtrusive is someone gonna be wearing a Khtsoyis-smooching porcelain helmet? Sheesh.

I settled on making a charm consisting of a porcelain helmet in a blob of amber. Amber being a material that neither god has any particular care for one way or another, as far as I now. Also it is something that will be easy enough to embed a bit of porcelain in, and will protect it from getting knocked around and breaking a very expensive magic item.

But of course amber is a nice golden color, which Birkozon favors and Hren Tzen doen't particularly favor.


It might actually work, especially if you bathed the amulet in arctorieth incense or something. But one big part of what I wrote was utterly wrong.

Then immediately after that exam, a session with Prof. Wynge. Who seems to be under the misimpression that I am, oh, actually interested in nendrai. That I want to know all about the different subspecies and the history of when they got created and all sorts of little fussy details.

I've got to stuff the likes and dislikes of 7+12 gods into my head, but that's for Enchantment, which at least I want to do. Or at least ~mother~ wants me to do, and it's a decent enough job, and kind of a family tradition.

I don't care about nendrai. I'm under orders to learn about them. That's not the same thing ... I'm not a Cani after all.

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