Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The New Baron [19 Lage 4261]

Seeks-Balance came around this morning, where my true love and I were sitting in the Lightly Scaled Refectory refecting on confections. Well, poptaloops.

Seeks-Balance:"Sythyry, I do think I owe you an apology or something for dragging you this nendrai business."

Me:"I would not be nearly so bold or so quarrelsome as to disagree with you on this topic, Baron Seeks-Balance!"

Seeks-Balance:"Please don't call me that."

Me:"Please continue your apology."

Seeks-Balance:"I'm trying. You do realize that I didn't have much choice in the matter. Vae's not very easy to please with abstract promises."

Me:"Your sense of when to please horrible enemy monsters is quite acute. Perhaps your sense of when to please your friends will catch up with it some day."

Seeks-Balance:"It wasn't about (Quiet, Ilottat, please) this wasn't about pleasing you. It was about saving Vheshrame's countryside."

Me:"From a monster who was very threateningly turned into a kitten curled up in your lap."

Seeks-Balance:"That was only for a moment."

Me:"And who was very threateningly begging you for whatever crumbs of prime attention and prime toys you could toss her. Well, this Zi Ri prime toy was quite thoroughly tossed!"

Seeks-Balance:"You've enjoyed noble privelege all your life. It's high time you acted like it."

Me:"Ah. You set me up against Gnarn's newest and mightiest creation because ... (quiet, Ilottat, please) ... you thought I have been too heavily gifted by getting a modest stipend from my ~mother~ and the social privelege to cut in lines and get slightly acknowledged by the likes of Prince Nestrune."

Seeks-Balance:"You're not fighting Vae. You're herding her."

Me:"I am, on one wing, constantly presenting myself to her as an easy target of her wrath. I am, on the other wing, constantly presenting myself to every prime in Vheshrame as the friend and ally of a true and awful monster."

Seeks-Balance:"As the shield between Vheshrame and Vaisessasilmin! As a hero and worthy noble! (Quiet, Ilottat, please.) I know the Duke thinks of you that way."

Me:"And my half-sibling thinks of me as an novice enchanter who really ought to be in school and not facing nendrai. Zie's right, too, y'know."

Seeks-Balance:"You've barely had a dozen words with Hezimikkinen in the last year, I know for a fact, and you'd spent many's the week trying to get into my pants. (Quiet, Ilottat, please.) And didn't annoy me much, despite that I don't do such things."

Me:"And that's just the other point. Everyone thinks I'm all indecent and perverted 'cause I'm traff. (Sorry, sweetie, I know, but it's true and everyone knows it.) Friendly with a nendrai will turn that from 'fairly questionable but zie's noble' to 'wholly improper'."

Seeks-Balance:"Well, that's your own fault for panting after every Orren who smiles at you, isn't it? (Quiet, Ilottat, please.) But you won't be going to the theatre and Darraden's with her. You'll just be trading."

Me:"I'll be giving her presents, in some view, and she'll be warbling her pleasure like a lover."

Seeks-Balance:"Oh, that's ridiculous. (Quiet, Ilottat, please.) "

Me:"Your new title is certainly going to your head! Do you know you just shushed a count's son?"

Seeks-Balance:"It is not! And I did nothing of the sort!"

Me:"Well, and you did exactly something of the sort. Did she not, Ilottat?"

Ilottat:[inducing me to nuzzle into the half-circle of his left arm] "Well, J'ai peur, I'm afraid you did, Strenata. More often than Sythyry did, too." He smiled a bit.

She half-shouted some very insincere apologies to both of us, and cast that spell of hers, and flew out the window. Ilottat gathered me in his arms.

Me:"Did I really shush you, Ilottat?"

Ilottat:"Well, yes. Je pardonne, I forgive you, though, quite a lot."

So I curled up in his arms and got forgiven at for a while. Jarmiet carefully didn't watch.

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