Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

The Two Towers [18 Lage 4261]

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution petted Vae for a bit, and created a clean white handkerchief with a little spell, and wiped her bleeding eyes clean. Vae made a few growlpy cat noises that would not have been out of place on Pazi-Pazi, and nuzzled the handkerchief some, and flicked her eyes with her tail to heal them. And howled in pain, a long deep howl that no cat could have made, nor any Gormoror either. Nobody else in the Tavern noticed. Vae's globe of deception was quite good.

"We might do well to order some food, mightn't we?", said Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution. "Could be it helps you feel better."

Vae and I both assented. Vae turned back into an Orren. We persuaded the patient but obviously irritated maitre d'Tavern to bring us grilled fish of several kinds with several sauces.

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution folded up the handkerchief, and smiled at Vae. "If you don't mind staying an Orren for a moment, and being a bit discreet with what you say and do, could you turn off the illusion-wall for a moment?"

Vae:"Well, that's a thing I cannot do exactly, but there's this and that like it I can do. What's the need?"

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution pointed out two ivory birds circling, and four ballista-crews loading, and the other two ballistae being shoved over to point at us as well. "I'd like to tell the fort that we're having a polite little social chat. Without it seeming that there's an illusion hiding what I'm actually saying."

Vae nodded. "It's enough and half again of ballista bolts I've had lately. You don't need the peidachwilio off quite, do you? Just not around you?"

"I think that will do well enough. So long as the fort doesn't think I'm being coerced or that they're being fooled."

Vae didn't do anything that I could see. The wall of deception shrank to the size of a hazelnut, and flicked over to an anthill in the corner of the garden. I daresay it's still making the ants' conversations seem innocuous to everyone else.

(And, for monsters and even primes who don't know much magic theory, that's a ridiculously difficult way to get rid of a spell, suitable only for mages with far more Mutoc than anything else. (I suppose there's no reason to keep saying this. It's how Vae does almost everything. (But I will keep at it, because it's alarming every time she does it. (But probably not explain the magic theory any-the-more. (Or much-the-more.)))))

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution gestured one of the ivory birds over, and said a password. Well, OK, the password of the day was "The Boogie Man is going to eat you if you don't wear your sweater." I'm sure it's changed often. I'm also sure that Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution chose it herself.

There was a bit of chatter on top of the fortress, and the officer waved to her. She waved back. Vae looked distinctly relieved, and made another sphere of deception.

I realized that I wasn't exactly alone and undefended against the most terrible monster in eight out of nine bestiaries. Strenata was there as a representative of Vheshrame's power -- which was greated than Vae's, much greater. Vae can cast three or four thousand spells in a day. Vheshrame's population can cast that many in a second. The city guard, counting all the adventurers and hangers-on and army and my lab partner and all, could probably kill Vae, with lots of work.

And Strenata was Vheshrame's representative, and giving orders to soldiers. I was lounging at the table between two branch-shaking terrors.

Both of whom I had made underappreciated advances at in recent memory.

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