Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

A Very Strange Orren [18 Lage 4261]

Sorry I haven't written in a while. The last three days of Yylhauntra's visit were very busy, and then classes got very busy. In any case, my favorite great-grandparent has gone off to Pshent, and my boyfriend has finished given his lecture and been duly celebrated and relaxed afterwards, and I've caught up on sleep even.

So Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution and I went out riding this afternoon, like this. We haven't done this since we broke up, and it was good to have a chance to chat with her and such as that.

As if by chance, we took the Cyarr Road out to Crosstown, where the Greystark crosses the Alamme. It's a very nice little town, with a very nice and very strong little fort next to it. Something had agitated the fort, though; there were ivory birds flying this way and that all over Crosstown.

As if by chance, Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution recommended that we stop at The Tavern Beneath the Ballistas, a very pleasant country home sort of tavern. In summer (viz. now) the taverners set out tables in their rose garden. Four of the six of For Anastrense's ballistas can be seen from the garden. Usually there is only one or two guards on the roof, reading or chatting or whatever, and nominally manning the ballistas. Today each ballista had two guards, with an officer of the guard poking them awake.

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution and I were enjoying a large plate of small triangular sweet eel pastries, and Shadowfrog was enjoying a bushel of bruised apples sprinkled with leftover umbles.

I've never seen a teleport spell in action. Most people don't use them very often, for a number of practical reasons. This one appeared in the garden next to us: to the magic sense it looks like a terrible flower whose petals are long straight claws and long curved claws, opening. It was a pretty potent spell, too: Mutoc Locador with complexity at least 30, if my ~mother~ is getting any value out of her paying for my magic theory classes.

And out steps this very unexceptional and nervous-looking Orren woman.

I suppose that you don't really need manners, if you're good enough to cast strong teleport spells. She looked around, saw Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution, and sort of trotted over to us without waiting for the maitre d'Tavern to seat her.

Her:"Hiio, um, Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution. Is that Hezimikkinen? Or Yylhauntra?"

Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution:"No. Sythyry, meet Vae; she's a Very Strange Orren." She pretty much pronounced the capital letters. "Vae, meet Sythyry, who is just a friend of mine. And Hezimikkinen's half-sibling, by the way."

My clue about how strange: "Vae" means "Woe!" or "Alas!" in an old language. I know this because my boyfriend sometimes says it.

My excuse: my boyfriend has a name like that, and he's a very strange Orren too.

Me:"Hello, Vae! I'm very glad to meet you!" I sort of spread my wings and hissed very nicely at her.

She sort of hissed very nicely back. Most Orren won't do that. She even had the right Zi Ri style accent. I grinned a lot. A slightly annoyed maitre d'Tavern brought her a menu and a plate of little biscuits sprinkled with dried shredded fish.

I have been paying particular attention to Orren reactions to various forms of excitement and pleasure. Well, to Ilottat's, at least. Speaking as an expert -- or expert-wannabe -- on this topic, I noted by the sudden quick breath and various other signs that my greeting (I presumed) had moved her to excitement and perhaps even a low degree of actual pleasure.

Well, that was exceptional. Even Ilottat isn't that easy. I usually have to touch him or something.

Me:"I am truly glad to make your acquaintance, O Vae. If I may be so bold, perhaps we might take luncheon together sometime ... perhaps at, say, Across Saga, in Vheshrame?"

Vae flattened her ears and whiskers, and mumbled, "I don't go to into Vheshrame."

Strenata jumped up and slapped the table. Speaking as an expert -- or expert-wannabe -- on this topic, I would say that she was enjoying a Wild Rush. "No-no-no-no-no! Not that kind of Very Strange Orren!"

Me:"Um ... what?"

Vae cast a very peculiar Mutoc Locador Illusidor Spiridor spell all around our table. Without speaking a word, which is a bit unusual but not that exceptional. A very strong one. A very complicated one. And obviously improvised on the spot.

Maybe my famous grandparent could do that, and maybe not. I'm sure nobody in Vheshrame could.

When Seeks-A-Peaceful-Solution said "Very Strange Orren", she wasn't being nearly emphatic enough.

I had, it seems, just made a pass at a nendrai.

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