Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Yylhauntra commentary, round 1 [12 Lage 4261]

Me:"What do you think of him?"

Yylhauntra:"Do you want the real answer?"

Me:"Probably not, but I think I should have it."

Yylhauntra:"Not very much. He seems very young, and very sad."

Me:"Well ... how about me?"

Yylhauntra:"Do you want the real answer?"

Me:"Again, probably not, but yes."

Yylhauntra:"You seem very young, and very Zi Ri."

Me:"That sounds good!"

Yylhauntra:"Well, in most ways, it is. Pity you're transaffectionate though; you'll be either miserable or callous before you reach a thousand."

I need a better etiquette teacher to learn responses to such sallies as that.

Yylhauntra in Court [13 Lage 4261]

Yylhauntra acquired a meeting with Hezimmikainen today, a meeting that lasted for an hour and a third.

Me:"Did you and Hezimmikainen decide what to do about me?"

Yylhauntra:"Slootly!" Zie has been talking to me a bit too much. "A bit of Destroc Mentador, and you'll be all right in no time."

I must have looked quite alarmed. Zie fluttered over to comfort me.

Yylhauntra:"We barely mentioned you, and your little perversions never came up at all. Well, they almost did. Hezimmikainen was dancing around the point quite carefully, trying not to mention them to me when I asked zir probing questions."

Me:"Zie knows?"

Yylhauntra:"Your half-sibling who has spent centuries perfecting a spy network, knows something which you have ceased to be at all secret about? How odd!"

Me:"I mean, zie hasn't said anything to me..."

Yylhauntra:"Oh, I'm pretty sure zie's traff too."

Me:"What? Really?"

Yylhauntra:"I don't know! I didn't ask! I think so though."

I boggled for a bit.

Me:"What did you talk about?"



Yylhauntra:"Yes. I don't like nendrai. I don't want any in Ketheria, by the Tlacc." (I never found out what the Tlacc is, so don't ask.)

Me:"Did you get zir to evict her?"

Yylhauntra:"Evict it. [Zie used a pronoun reserved for non-persons, one which generally is not applied to sentient monsters.] No. Just to probe rather harder at its purposes and tactics and intent. I think that'll be enough to get zir to want to remove it, though. Nendrai rarely have any good purpose in mind, in the end."

Zie smiled, and spread zir wings. "Still, enough about monsters. We are in a mighty and a safe city. Let's fly!" Which seemed like as good an answer as any.

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