Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

I've been thinking about a few things on your journal, and have a few
more comments and a few questions. I think I know why many of the
offworlders who replied to you in the past called you male. It seems to
be because, (and others may not agree with me in this way), that we see
your personality as masculine -- as in, representating many qualities
that we find more often in the males of our species. What exactly do you
know about how the gender roles and personalities are 'supposed' to be
among the prime species? You mentioned some of these for Herethroy, but
I'm curious about these for other Primes. How culturally ingrained are
these behaviors? Do you think other primes might end up calling, say, zi
ri, who only have one sex, masculine or femenine, based on how they act?
What about using magic to permanantly change one's gender? I think you
might've talked about this before, but has this successfully been done?
Has there been a specific spell or ritual developed for it?

Well ... nobody could possibly mistake me for being male, female, or co-lover.  Zi Ri aren't those, and can't be. It'd be easier to mistake me for a housecat.

Herethroy females are supposed to be strong and stolid and bland.  Herethroy co-lovers are supposed to be sweet and maternal and sexy, which is why Dustweed wants to be one..  Herethroy males are sort of in-between, but stuck up.   Gormoror males are supposed to be less civilized than Gormoror females.    Those are the main ones. 

I've talked before about gender-changing magic, I think, at least about Dustweed.

Also, based on the grammatical rules for the language you speak, what
would more specific sexual orientations be called, if you had to make up
an appropriate word for them in your language?

I refuse to do this exercise, since someone is translating everything anyways.  I will do a different one. I will give the word for each of these concepts. 

For example, how about these:

"One who prefers all prime species as romantic partners equally"


"One for whom which species of prime a romantic partner is holds no
particular importance at all"

Libertine without a sense of judgement.

"One who prefers romantic partners inside their own species, but is open
relationships with those inside their own species"

Libertine trying to pretend to be conventional.

"One who prefers romantic partners with those outside their own species,
but not exclusively, and is open to relationships with those inside their
own species"

Traff who refuses to understand that zie is traff.

"One who prefers not to have romantic partners at all"


"One who prefers romantic partners outside of prime species (!!)" ----
Would that one be a type of crime? How major of a crime would that be?

Bestialist. I don't know if it's a crime, technically, in Vheshrame, but it is a social suicide.

"One who prefers romantic partners based on their minds, be they same
species, other primes, or other non-prime sentients"


"One who prefers monsters as romantic partners"

Bestialist.  I don't see how this is different form the second-to-previous one.

Are there words in other major prime languages for these varieties of
sexual orientation that you know of?

No.  My boyfriend doesn't know them either.

Maybe you could look them up?

I presume some Rassimel has assembled a Complete Catalog of Perverts. I must admit to disinterest in precisely how that Rassimel classifies me.

Perhaps another prime language would be better suited to coming up with
words for these options? Do you know of one?

I generally leave such things to my boyfriend, who, conveniently, is a linguist.

Also, back to the "my world, your world" thing we were talking about
earlier, we have figured out certain ways of manipulating air to make our
versions of skyships go very fast. If you plan on being an enchanter
sometime, and doing Big Enchantments, you might want to hear about this.
I'm also saying this because I have heard that certain properties of air
that exist on our world do not exist on your world, and I was curious
more about what you know on the subject, "how air tends to act, if left
to its own, and how moving mechanical objects can interact with air" Now,
if you are interested in this, or can direct me to some scholar on your
world (who I maybe could speak to with your journal??) who studies these
sorts of things? Where could I find the type of scholar who studies how
objects interact with each other when non-magical forces are applied to
them (like pushing something, or gravity and things like that)? Figuring
out which of the 'laws' of physics that we have correspond with those on
your world would be fascinating to me, and is something that I would like
to pursue. Alas, I can't go to your world and test things myself. *sigh*

Well, I can't claim to be a great expert in air.  I don't even like to fly that much.  I would also rather that scholars on my world not find out about my journal; I am somewhat embarrassed that I showed it to Esory, even.  Natural philosophers are not so rare here, and I am sure that they know something about the natural philosphies of air and weather -- there are classes about those in the course catalog.  I am ignorant of such things. I hope to stay that way.

[Briefly: a good fraction of the Newtonian physics of motion applies to World Tree. Air is a notable exception.  For example, primes believe (based on their available measurements) that the air pressure does not vary with height up and down the World Tree -- a good thing, especially if the Tree is infinitely tall.   The weather on the world-branches is heavily managed by a vast horde of air elementals, who are serious dangers for airships flying too high or too fast.  Killing them off would (1) wreck weather patterns, and (2) seriously piss off an inescapable Noun God.]

Oh, one last thing. I was looking at your recent conversations with
Ilottat, and, I was wondering, is there a city-state or area of prime
territory that you know of where trans relationships are not culturally

Why, yes, to a significant extent, and not very far away at that.. For nobility and near-nobility, at least.
        Maybe a place where they are encouraged?

Not that.   At least, less discouraged than in most places.

In my world, people of similar cultural viewpoints often gather in cities that begin
to serve as cultural centers for people with those viewpoints. Surely if
you and Ilottat could go to a place that is... liberal about
transaffectionate relationships, a place where he could be openly traff
with you, it might help lower some of his fears of being known as traff,
and some of his insecurities about the subject?

He did so, in fact, to the extent that one can in Ketheria.  Vheshrame has a branch-wide reputation as having sexually adventurous nobility, and, indeed, upper-class commoners.  Tethezai would not be so bold in Daukhrame, for example ... and neither, I think, would I.  You can take the Orren out of Daukhrame, but taking Daukrhame out of the Orren is harder.

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