Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

OOC: cliches

gave a list of furry cliches.
Here, OOC, is how beetiger and I
meet those cliches in World Tree.

> 1)All furry creatures are noble; all humans are cruel,
> unenlightened oppressors.

Many people in Sythyry's story are nobility or close; that's
what zie started out judging them on. There are no humans
on World Tree.

> 2)Furries are the product of genetic experimentation

Nope. Direct creation by some gods, for unknown purposes,
or no purpose.

> 3)Regardless of the sexual behavior of their source
> species, all furries are perpetually horny and
> outrageously promiscuous. And NO furry species is
> monogamous; that's an icky hyooman hangup.

Some primes are horny and/or promiscuous, some are not.
Just like humans in that. Each species has a stereotypical
marriage pattern: monogamy makes sense for some species, and
not for others. Cross-species involvements are considered
inferior or frivolous, but not forbidden.

> 4)Regardless of source species, all furry females have
> breasts--- even birds, reptiles and insects. Said breasts
> will tend to be larger than their own heads, and defy all
> laws of motion and gravity.

The insectile Herethroy have no breasts. The canine Cani
have working nipples on both sexes, but not much external
breast. The Khtsoyis, air-cephalopods, defy the laws of
motion and gravity, but they have no breasts.

> 5)Despite having exposed primary and secondary sexual
> characteristics, no furry anywhere, ever, has developed a
> nudity taboo. That's an icky hyooman hangup.

Nudity is acceptable in some situations and not in others.
Orren swim in the nude, but do not attend class nude unless
they were really in a rush in the morning.

> 6)All furries say "yiff," even though no damned species on
> the planet makes that sound, anywhere, ever.

We don't use the word "yiff".

> 7)Furry society is either a perfect reflection of 2002
> human society, or is some idealized version of either
> a)the medieval period or b) the stone age.

Most like 18th century Earth, though some aspects are more
13th century and some are more 23d.

> 8)Societies mentioned in #7 will have totally
> anachronistic technology, medicines, slang, and
> philosophical worldviews.
> 8a)And anachronistically long lifespans.

The World Tree has self-consistent technology, medicine,
slang, and philosophy. One species (Zi Ri) are unaging,
potentially immortal. The others have lifespans comparable
to humans, or less.

> 9)All furries are "one with nature."

Definitely not. Herethroy tend to like to grow things though.

> 10)All furry names are either cute in-jokes (i.e. "Cotton
> Taylor," the rabbit), or are written in backlot Hollywood
> Indian, and consist of no less than two words and three
> syllables.

Very few in-jokes, and none in this story. Many Herethroy
use-names are Color + Shape (Blackspot) and many others are
based on herbs (Boragette), though.

> 11)All primitive furry tribes are "Noble Savages," and
> speak in the aforementioned backlot Hollywood
> Indian. Ugh. How.

Some characters are noble; some are savage; some may well be
both (Hezimikkainen savagely cut off Sythyry's allowance!),
but all would take exception to the term 'primitive'.

> 12)Crossbreeding between furry species is not only
> possible, even between races with wildly different
> physiognomies, but results in one of two variations:

Crossbreeding is possible only with substantial magic. It
produces sterile children with a terrible deformity. Decent
World Tree people will not do it.

> 13)Furry culture is utterly homogenous. Unless where it is
> a source of terrible, horrible plot-driving conflict (race
> wars, etc), miscellaneous species do not "balkanize" into
> different regions or cultures, even when wildly diverse
> physical structures, lifecycles, reproductive methods,
> body sizes, and physiological needs-- and the accompanying
> racial traditions-- would dictate otherwise. No Chinatown
> in Furriston, or any other furry society.

The eight prime species did get created in the same place at
roughly the same time, and have some encouragement to stay
together. There is a strong cultural continuity in prime
civilization. Not that things don't get quite different far
from the place where they were created.

Non-prime civilization is separate, unmixed with primes, and
often quite balkanized.

> 14)All furry species, regardless of their wildly different
> natures, will unite against the icky hyoomans at the drop
> of a hat.

Well, if some dimension-spanning humans (or anything else)
came to the World Tree and tried to conquer it, probably
most of the native peoples would cooperate against them
... except for individuals and nonprime species which
thought they could do better by siding with the humans.

> 15)Furry races never never EVER persecute
> hyoomans. Nope. Never.

There are no humans on the World Tree. If some came there
from elsewhere, they would be treated as just another
species of nonprime creature, not particularly weird.
Primes tend to persecute nonprimes, some more than others.
Humans would get less than some species, mainly because they
were not ancient enemies of the primes. They would not be
welcomed or treated nicely.

> 16)Furry races are limited to races that are cute and
> cuddly, small and "innocent," or noble and majestic. 99%
> of them are foxes, skunks, rabbits, mice or wolves, with
> the remaining 1% going for all the "weird" animals.

The primes are: dogmorphs; bear-morphs; cricket-morphs;
nonmorphic floating cephalopods; otter-morphs;
raccoon-morph; nonmorphic panthers; miniature dragons.

The nonprimes come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

> 17)Various extra appendages never seen and nature and
> totally incapable of functioning as designed will make
> random appearances. Including but not limited to wings,
> tentacles, extra arms, extra HEADS, and the like

Zi Ri, dragons, have wings.
Khtsoyis, celphalopods, have tentacles.
Herethroy, cricket-folk, have extra arms/legs.
Several nonprimes have extra heads.

> 18) The prefixes and suffixes Herm, Macro, Micro, Taur,
> Griff, Mer, and Morph will appear somewhere in the
> discussion.

In discussion, we use 'hermaphrodite' and 'morph'. Never
from the mouths of characters: they don't consider
themselves humanized raccoons, they consider themselves

> 19)Cannibalism will be perfectly routine and accepted. In
> spite of this, prey animals will ignore all

Cannibalism is shocking, dreadful behavior. Where there are
laws, it is outlawed. Sleeth sometimes do it anyways, but
they are seen as little better than monsters.

> 20)In spite of the radical differences from species to
> species, it will be *hyoomans* who are regarded as
> abnormal.... even though many furries would have more in
> common with hyoomans than with their furry neighbors.

If humans came to the World Tree, they would be considered
nonprime (correctly), but not particularly distressing to
look at -- less distressing than perdithornes or ororosti.

> 21)Only hyoomans pollute. Furries will have managed to
> create their entire 21st century civilization without so
> much as a single discarded beer can.

Nope. They do have better approaches to cleaning up their
messes, in some cases.

> 22)Humans will be called "Hyoomans"-- as if every damned
> furry on the planet was actually a Ferengi in a fur suit.

Maybe. If the primes were feeling polite, they'd take the
word the humans use for themselves and say it as best they
could. Their organs of articulation aren't human, so it
would come out strange. If the primes weren't feeling
polite, they'd take some word the humans used for themselves
("We", maybe, or "George") and use that, also mangled to fit
their mouths.

> 23)"Magical" or "mutant powers." Massively potent ones. And lots of them.

It's the basis of World Tree civilization.

> 24)In spite of all the radical crossbreeding, addition of
> extra limbs, sensory apparatus, or bodily orifices,
> modifications into a "taur form", magical or mutant
> powers, and/or references to "experimental genetics,"
> furries will suffer no biological side effects from having
> their bodily structure and functions and biochemistry
> thrown all out of whack. Not even so much as chronic gas.

The primes were made by some gods; though the gods are not
omnicompetant, they're pretty good at what they do. In any
case they were made all at once, not by modifying a base

> 25)In an attempt to be "more realistic," fem furs will
> have two and sometimes four extra breasts, even though
> such added ballast would make bipedal walking painfull and
> difficult, if not impossible.

The species that have multiple breasts have small ones. No
species has notably large breasts, and we don't even have a
'large breasts' Disadvantage in the game's character
creation scheme.

> 26)All furs shall have 2% body fat and toned muscular
> bodies--- except in cases of fat fetishes, in which case
> the fur shall be an utterly disgusting pile of cellulite.


> 27)In cases of humans being transformed into furry creatures, the transformee will rarely suffer pain or
> 28)Societies experiencing mass transmogrifications, especially 100% population transformations, will

Not applicable.

> 29)Furries will voluntarily wear clothes that are too warm
> for their body type, too restricting, or skin tight---
> regardless of having fur, feathers, or scales which would
> be abraded, crushed, pulled, or pinched by said clothes.

Absolutely! Fancy formal clothing is often uncomfortable
on the World Tree, just as it is on Earth! Some people care
more about appearance than comfort in some situations!

> 30)Even if there has never been a human in their world,
> furries will dress precisely like humans-- making
> absolutely no allowences for their own body structures,
> save for a tailhole here and there. Apply this same rule
> to furniture, household appliances, automobiles,
> entertainment both visual and auditory.

No. All World Tree material artifacts are designed for the
users. Chairs have open backs. Doorknobs in houses that
expect Sleeth visitors are made of bone or ivory.

> 31)In spite of radically different levels of eyesight,
> hearing and other senses, all forms of entertainment will
> be equally satisfactory for all species of spectators.

No. Cani can smell exceedingly well, and have intricate
scent-sculptures which no other species appreciates.

> 32)All furries shall have personalities based on urban
> myth stereotypes about their species.

Yes. The personality *stereotypes* for World Tree are
intended to make sense to humans; that's why we picked the
World Tree instead of a world with less comprehensible
species on it. Individual primes need not follow their

> 33)Protective gear--- spacesuits, wetsuits, hazmat suits,
> etc-- will have *holes for the tails, and on occasion the
> ears.*

Not specified, but often yes. In any case the main
protective gear is armor; protecting the outer ears, tail,
and other nonvital parts may take second place to reducing
the weight of the armor. Magical healing, while limited and
imperfect compared to some games, is still better than
anything currently available on Earth, so a warrior might
well prefer to risk a tail-wound to being exhausted in

> 34)Despite #29 and #30, furries will never display thin or
> bald spots, matted or rumpled fur, "bed fur" or any of the
> other inevitable consequences of their ill-fitting
> clothing. for instance a turtleneck sweater, worn
> constantly, will never leave a bald ring around a fur's
> neck.

Almost anyone who wears full formalwear regularly can afford
a Regrow the Fur spell (yes, it's in the spell list)
as needed.

> 35)The first, foremost and most avid persecutors of
> furries, regardless of their origins, are always
> "Religious fanatics." Said religious fanatics are always
> Christians or Judeo-Christians.

*grin* I'm not sure who the most avid persecutors of the
primes are: other primes? the nonprimes? the gods? In any
case, they're definitely not Christian.

> 36)Furries are universally openminded and accepting of
> EVERYTHING, no matter how questionable or controversial in
> real life--- except, of course, for Western culture,
> conservatism, or Judeo-christian ethic. And they always
> know the formula for Utopia.... which generally consists
> of abandoning Western culture, conservatism, or Judeo
> Christian ethic.

Nope. Prime civilization is somewhat conservative, in its
own terms. World Tree is neither utopian nor dystopian;
it's just a world.

> 37)furries with "fur" that looks like bare skin in
> bodypaint.... and acts so.


> 38)Furries... in bikinis... laying out at the
> beach... getting SUNTANS.

Sleeth enjoy lying in the sun. They don't get tans, nor
wear bikinis. They prefer lying on leaves or roofs or some
such, so they don't have to get sand out of their fur.

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