Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Pestering My Boyfriend [11 Lage 4261]

I really wanted Ilottat to come to dinner with me and Yylhauntra tomorrow. I am still trying to learn the best ways to persuade him to do such things. I cajoled -- I pestered -- I applied rational argument -- I wrapped a great deal of myself around a great part of him and then asked -- I pointed out the value to his career and his reputation -- I grovelled.

The grovelling worked.

Ilottat:"Certes, certes, I'll come along with you. I'm still worried."

Me:"Zie's not that dangerous. Zie can't eat any more of you than I can." Any references to what I had been doing ten minutes before are wholly unnecessary.

Ilottat:"I'm not worried about that."

Me:"Zie's quite harmless. Zie's not even exactly opposed to you ... or to us being lovers. Zie doesn't think it's a good idea, but zie's fine with it. Really! As long as you're not a nendrai or something."

Ilottat:"I've already agreed to go!"

Me:"And zie's been lots of places ... zie must know lots of languages. And you know a little about architecture, you can talk about that. I'll make sure zie doesn't ask any awful questions."

Ilottat:"Sythyry, will you please stop babbling and trying to talk me into it? I'm going, I'm going!"

And we got into a little fight about it again ... I can't explain what it was about. It didn't even make sense to me at the time. Fortunately it was pretty early in the evening and we had time to make up afterwards.

How do you get your lovers to do important social engagements and other things that they really ought to but would really rather not?

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