Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Interrogation by Yylhauntra [11 Lage 4261]

Yylhauntra:"Well, then. What should a visitor from Hrauminy be sure to see or do, in Vheshrame, this century?"

Various unrecorded people answered:

  1. The Gallery of Grand Duke Mhirvohany. (That's three dukes of Vheshrame [carefully pronounced "of Heshrame" -sythyry] ago, if you're counting.) I should get an invitation and go see these -- it's not hard to get invited, since they are really there for the dukes to show off their loot. Wealth. Still, you need to apply to a secretary to get an appointment.
  2. Darraden's.
  3. Vaanghevandar's Library. That's really by invitation only, though Esory's family has a standing invitation. A very good collection of sorcerous books and instruments gathered over eight hundred years by a post-immortal Rassimel.
  4. Flooooosh's bakery, especially if one has romantic problems.

Yylhauntra:"What are the worse problems facing Vheshrame at the moment?"

  1. Discord in the Choinxeian League.
  2. Oorah Thrassen!
  3. The destruction of the good morals. (By Agrimony.)
  4. My impending marriage! (By Havune. Pillows were hurled by his fiances.)

Yylhauntra:"What about your own social set, would you like me to mention to people who ask about it?"

To which there were no good answers. People looked at each other blankly for a while. That was a very embarrassing question. Though there was some muttering that they should at least answer it to my satisfaction, if not necessarily Yylhauntra's.

Yylhauntra:"What's up with Sythyry, that you all are saying zie's being naive about?"

Dustweed:"Perhaps you should ask zir about it in private. Or let zir bring it up." This defense of me must be remembered forever!

Agrimony:"Zie's got a lover."


Me:"Well, no."

Yylhauntra:"Who, then?"

Me:"A child of the Count of Estrario, in Daukrhame. A student at the Academy."

Yylhauntra:"And what, specifically, is the concern, that most of your friends are worried about? ... Actually, I think I agree with Dustweed. No more of this topic for now. Instead, let us ask, are there monsters in the area?"

  1. There are ulgrane. Which the Duke evidently has diplomatic relations with.
  2. An eighth of a chromodon was seen prowling around in Vheshrame's villages -- or, perhaps, was not.
  3. There is a nendrai, named Vaisessasilmin (or something like that), in the near Verticals, and has been for a year and a half.
  4. There ...

Yylhauntra:"I do not know about this nendrai."Zie sounded very intense, suddenly.

Broon:"Seeks-this-and-that and Rhedwy have talked to it."

Me:"And Spirshash, too."

Yylhauntra:"What is it doing?"



Broon:"Gathering things from the deep Verticals, and trading them with the towns by the edge. Glirries, lead moss, hethica, feathers. For food and magazines and clothes and such."

Yylhauntra:"That seems an odd choice for a nendrai. What variety is it?"

Broon:"N. magus. The kind that's good at magic."

Yylhauntra:"Well, the common kind that's good at magic. It's not trading magic, though, you say?"

Broon:"Not that I know of."

Narngi:"Well, hethica must take a great deal of some kind of force to cut."

Yylhauntra:"Is Hezimikkinen still the Shadow Duke?"

Everyone looked perplexed.

Yylhauntra:"I suppose not. Zie's still fairly influential with the current duke, at least?"

Someone:"Oh, yes."

Someone else:"Not as much as last year."

Someone perhaps still else and perhaps not:"Still quite a lot. And with many other people too."

Yylhauntra:"I wonder if zie has a few moments to spare for me?"

Nobody volunteered much about the state of Hezimikkinen's social calendar.

Yylhauntra:"Ah, well, I shall see what I can do tomorrow."

Everyone expressed relief and politeness. The dishes were removed to the kitchen to be Jarmiet's morning labors. Yylhauntra interrogated Broon a bit more -- he didn't know much -- and then blasted me with moderate fire. "Sythyry? Would you like to chat about your Count-spawn?"

No, in fact, I wouldn't. But that wasn't one of the choices of answer.

[No, I wasn't expecting that either. -bb]

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