Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Yylhauntra to Dinner, part 1 [11 Lage 4261]

The Cani made dinner. That's Anoof and Narngi, plus Havune and Broon and Leiska. (Havune and Leiska are definitely going to be mates when they get married -- that's the middle degree of marriage -- and everyone in that not-yet-family is glad at how diligent Havune is being about girls despite not actually being attracted to them.)

At dinner were: Yylhauntra, me, Dustweed, Tethezai, Agrimony, Mendrugai, Esory, and Sprillet, and of course a pile of Cani.

It was ... um ... just like a dinner, except that the Cani were showing off their culinary prowess, and we had a fair number of guests.

Some culinary prowesses included:

  1. Chub-beetles smoked over smouldering ginger.
  2. A roast breast of wudgeon, stuffed with about six hundred and eighty-three kinds of onions, doused in pren brandy, and served levitating and ablaze.
  3. Cream of Three Flavors of Parsley soup. I didn't know there were three flavors of parsley. Havune smugly informed me that there were actually five flavors of parsley in the soup, with one of them being (1) fresh, (2) dried, and (3) dried and toasted. I refrained from turning Cani to try to taste them.
  4. Glazed prens with clotted cream.

Yylhauntra and Mendrugai and Havune got into a long discussion about Creithian iconography. Yylhauntra and Esory and I got into a medium discussion about the use of ginger in ceremonial fumigations. Dustweed, Broon, and Leiska got into a short discussion of appropriate marriage practices for Cani, and for Herethroy.

Agrimony pointed out to me that the discussion was entirely theoretical in Dustweed's case, even if she (not zie, but she) weren't planning to get married to someone of another species.

Me:"Dustweed uses 'zie'. And I hadn't heard zie was planning to marry Tethezai."

Agrimony:"Who else would have her?"

Yylhauntra:"Tethezai's the Rassimel woman there?"

Me:"Yes. And Dustweed's the both-female Herethroy. They're sweethearts." I was hoping to either (1) embarrass Agrimony enough so that he'd leave this topic alone forever, or (2) delicately probe Yylhauntra's opinion of transaffection.

Yylhauntra's:"They seem as devoted to each other as Cani."

Which I took as a good sign.

Agrimony:"Were there both-females in the first days? Or traffs?"

Yylhauntra:"No both-females ... the first one was Kivretta, and that must have been ... at least thirty or forty years after I was born. She was third generation Herethroy. What's a traff?"

Me:"It's a vulgar word for 'transaffectionate person'."

Yylhauntra:"Not in the first days, no. We were all made cisaffectionate. Intentionally, on the gods' part. We were supposed to have lots of children in a hurry, after all."

I lost the next few minutes to private moping.

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