Sythyry (sythyry) wrote,

Yylhauntra, 1 [10 Lage 4261]

I suspect that most of you didn't wait 'til you were in a university before doing what I did tonight. No, not that, I've done that, I just don't mention it in this journal. No, not that either, I haven't done that.

What I did tonight was, meet someone of my own species that I hadn't known since I was very young.

Yylhauntra doesn't really stand on ceremony, or travel with much of an entourage. Zie came with only two servants, a quiet and very formal Cani man named Spathe and a short bouncy Orren boy who changes his name more often than Strenata. It was "Catch-The-Hapless-Toad" when I met him, but by midafternoon he was "Tlispet Explosive Eel", and by nightfall he was "The Band of Serrated Copper Around The Rim of the Sun".

  1. (No, as far as I know there isn't one, not that I am an expert in the sun.)
  2. (No, as far as I know I don't have a crush on him.)

Yylhauntra evidently remembers all of his names, and always calls for him by using (1) the current name, (2) the name for the current time of day but three days before, and (3) the name for the current time of day but nine days before.

Anyways, Yylhauntra drove up to the front door of Quelldrie House in a very ordinary carriage in the form of an exceedingly large animated pottery bull. Not that such carriages are that ordinary, but you'd sort of expect a firstborn Zi Ri to have something flashy and flamboyant and impressive. I mean, it even looks like pottery.

And zie got out zirself to talk to Jarmiet and Ghirbis, and asked them not to bother to announce zir. So the first I heard about it was when this owl-beaked Zi Ri came tap-tapping at my window and saying, "Hello! You must be Sythyry!"

I was!

So we sat in my fireplace and chatted about family and things, and zie corrected me when I called zir "grandparent". (It's great-grandparent. Tnirvakuovvka is zir child, and Dzeriaunet my ~father~ is Tnirvakuovvka's child.) And we ate some pickled slugs that zie brought -- zie'd picked them up in Daukrhame on the way here. Good slugs, but, well, if you were expecting me to tell about appetizers from the dawn of time, you'll have to wait on that.

Which is to say, I served zir some brandy, and I did ask about the first brandies. Zie didn't exactly remember, but zie didn't have distilled spirits at all until a decade or two after Shaliun invented the first techniques for copying and grafting bound spells. One of the first Khtsoyis wizards, a fellow named Asponius Gezirk, worked out a spell to destroy most of the water in some wine. Nonmagical stills didn't show up 'til rather later. Or so Yylhauntra said, anyways.

I was sort of expecting huge crashing thunders and demigod-style magics or something. Glikkonen doesn't exactly do that, but you can tell at a glance that zie can. Yylhauntra's obviously plenty powerful and well-equipped too, but ... I think Esory's family, say, seems richer and has heavier magic. Maybe that's just because Yylhauntra only brought the third-best stuff travelling. I'm not sure.

Anyways, I am quite perplexed at how ordinary it all seems.

Zie's staying at a medium-nice bed-and-breakfast some ways away, and left in midafternoon to go there. Zie'll be back for breakfast. So I have some time to prepare.

What should I try to do on this visit?

Interrogate zir about the Firstmost Days.
Interrogate zir about other history.
Interrogate zir about how long zie's staying.
Defiantly proclaim that I am traff.
Get romantic advice.
Wheedle a powerful magic item or something away from zir.
Demand gifts of wisdom or other insights into the nature of the universe.
Get advice on how to deal with living a long time myself.
Get a letter of introduction to another young and unduly concupiescent Zi Ri and prove that I'm not really traff.
Get a letter of introduction to another young and unduly concupiescent Zi Ri and prove that I am really traff.
Get advice on telling my ~mother~ about my new boyfriend.
Anything else ... tell me in a comment!
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